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    anybody here just took A+ test? if yes what software did you use to study? i try to search in google but tons of them came up and i dont know which one to get.

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    Can you tie your shoes ?
    If so you can pass.
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      I got my A+ cert when I was a sophmore in high school. It's pretty easy, but I also knew how to build and repair PCs before I started studying it. Mainly I just read the book and the book came with some software.

      Only thing I recommend to people is pay attention to the printer stuff. I didn't pay attention to details on that part of the book, thinking it was a computer ceritification so they wouldn't ask too much about printers. I failed the hardware test the first time I took it because of that Went home, read up on printers and then took it again and passed.

      So yea, I'd say just use a book. Usually they have questions to help you at the end of the chatpers or a CD-ROM in the back. The test is pretty simple. I've heard otherwise about Network+ though. A lot of people told me that the knowledge isn't the hard part, it's that they word the questions in a strange way.


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        Go to your nearest Border's / Barnes & Noble bookstore and look for the A+ for Dummies book. Then "borrow" the CD-ROM out of the back of it.
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          Once you are all done studying you can find some good test questions at
 . I wouldnt use this as your only source of studying because you wont learn anything. But basically they are questions right off the test.

          I wouldnt stress the test that much, its really quite simple.


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            I don't remember any questions about ****ing in either exam, but I took an earlier version. There was DOS, win95 and laser printers in mine.
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              I second the reccomendation, but I wouldn't sweat it too much if you have a pretty good understanding of computers. The test isn't really that hard. Of course I'm not reccomending blowing off studying for it, but don't get worked up over it.


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                Get the dummies A+ book.... it is what I used several years ago. I think they have updated the test or I would offer my book cheap.
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                Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

                Read the FAQ!


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                  I remember that one. Only thing I didn't know was the fire extinguisher stuff, so before the test I went and pulled one off the wall and read the destructions on it and it told what the A B C types were for. I think I might have missed one question on the whole test.


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                    Think I used the exam cram software but that was 3 years ago. I understand they've changed the test since then. Nice thing about it is it also does Network+ and CCNA which I was also studying for at the time. Too bad I never used any of those certifications.....