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Need Help w/ Carputer Windows installation

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  • Need Help w/ Carputer Windows installation

    I've got two hard drives on my computer, one that I plan to take out and use for my carputer and the other to stay in. But, I want to install windows 98se or 2000lite perhaps on that hard drive before I take it out. How do you do this if you are currently running windows 2000 pro and want to only install the new version of windows on one hard drive?

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    Is the PC that you are putting this hard drive into afte rthe OS installed exactly the same as the PC you are building it in? If not expect huge issues =)

    Other wise...couple things to do.

    1 way would be diable the HDD in the BIOS that you don't wanna use. So if you are gonna install 2000 on the second HDD disable the 1st one.

    2nd way you could try is just install the OS and it will ask you where it should be installed. I think...honestly I have never tried it so couldn't tell ya.

    Hope that helps.


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      No, that's crazy. Copy the install files if you must, but that's really all you can do. The best way to go about this is to deal with the software before you install the carputer.

      Also, this is the Off Topic forum. This thread belongs in General Discussion or Software & Software Development.