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  • Hackers, Programmers: Make $500 Easy

    Thought this would interest some of you guys



    The Mozilla Foundation has announced the Mozilla Security Bug Bounty Program, an initiative that rewards users who identify and report security vulnerabilities in the open-source project’s software. Under the program, users who report critical security bugs—as judged by the Mozilla staff—will collect a $500 cash prize.

    Foundation titles covered by the offer include Mozilla Firefox, the Mozilla Foundation’s next-generation Web browser; Mozilla Thunderbird, the foundation’s new e-mail application; and the Mozilla 1.7 Internet Suite.

    “This program reflects our commitment to protecting consumers from malicious actors,” commented Mitchell Baker, president of the Mozilla Foundation. “Recent events illustrate the need for this type of commitment. While no software is immune from security vulnerabilities, bugs in open-source projects are often identified and fixed more quickly. The Security Bug Bounty Program will help us unearth security issues earlier, allowing our supporters to provide us with a head start on correcting vulnerabilities before they are exploited by malicious hackers.”

    The most recent release of Mozilla Firefox, version 0.9, was downloaded more than 1 million times within 10 days of its release, thanks in no small part to the ongoing security issues that have plagued Microsoft’s ubiquitous Internet Explorer browser.

    Mitchell Baker further commented, “Security experts agree that it is virtually impossible to produce software that is absolutely secure against all possible attacks. As a result, experts recommend that software combine a strong security design and good security practices to maximize the amount of protection available. The Mozilla Security Bug Bounty Program provides an additional mechanism for identifying potential vulnerabilities.”

    Users who identify security bugs in Mozilla software are encouraged to go to, which links to information about which bugs are eligible and how to claim the bounty.

    Mozilla applications run on a wide range of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and are translated into dozens of languages. The source code and documentation for all Mozilla applications is freely available under the open-source Mozilla Public License.
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