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Help Stop the INDUCE Act - If you like your VCR, DVR, MP3 player, CD and DVD burner

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  • Help Stop the INDUCE Act - If you like your VCR, DVR, MP3 player, CD and DVD burner

    I was watching "the Screensavers" on G4 the other night and they were talking about the "Induce Act" which is a bill that seeks to close the door on the Betamax decision by the Supreme Court. A decision that opened the door for VCR's, CD and DVD burners and MP3 players. This should be of special interest to members of this community since most of us use several of these technologies in our projects. In any case it is another piece of bad legislation (like the DMCA) that will be dumped on us because we were silent while the RIAA and MPAA were lobbying.

    It is too late for the call in thing that they were doing, but you can still send a fax to your Congressman asking that they take into account your opinion (and vote) before they choose to support this garbage. You can sign up at the link below, after you click "sign up" on the right, it will take you to a page where you can send a fax:

    Or direct to the fax link:

    The EFF is also fighting this:
    "Protecting Privacy and Free Speech Online"

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    Doesn't sound like its anything to worry about. Recording devices are such a huge part of our lives now, it'd be impossible to take it away.
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        Lemme guess, another Orin Hatch bill ?
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          I can't see betamax being outlawed. Most colleges use betamax for their fil programs as do many smaller broadcast operations.


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            This is much bigger than what is out there now, and really will have consequences for the next mp3/divx/dvd format and the devices that use them. It seems directly targeted at P2P networks and the like, but it is broad enough to also apply to devices that allow the copying of copyrighted materials.

            Basically they are trying to cut off all avenues for open and non-DRM formats (at least that is the way my conspiratorial mind sees it).

            Here is a sample of things to come (if Orrin gets his way):

            And here is the info on the bill (including the actual bill) - there are 9 co-sponsors including some names you may recognize:

            "Protecting Privacy and Free Speech Online"