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  • Simple circuit question

    Here is the scenario. I finally got another motorcycle (01 Truimph Sprint RS for those that care). I hate having to get off the bike every time I take it in / out of the garage. What I want to do is mount the guts of the remote opener in the fairing (windscreen), and just put a small button on the handlebars so that I can open / close the garage door while I pull in / out of the driveway.

    I took apart the opener, and the large flat button that opens the door just presses on a small (about a 1/4 inch across) button. This small button sits on a black square box about 1/4 inch tall and 3/8 inch wide. This box sits directly on the circuit board. There is a lead at each corner of the box.

    Looking at the underside of the board, one lead goes to the + battery post. One lead goes to the lead of a second button (not sure what this button does). The other two leads seem to go to both a small chip, as well as through some copper coils and eventually to what I assume is the radio transceiver.

    Hope all that makes sense. Now, is there some sort of button that I can get and easily connect to the circiut board (through some wires so I can get it onto the handlebars)? I was a bit thrown by the 4 leads, and not having two leads sort of makes me think I may need something other than a generic button. Any ideas?


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    Its known as a tact switch. Usually, they have four contacts, but two on each side are connected. Any switch will work, its just a momentary. Solder two wires to it, run it to any switch of your choosing, and enjoy!
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      I assume you are saying take a two lead button / switch, and connect one side to two leads on the board, and the other to the other two leads? Now I just have to find a button that is big enough. Thanks!


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        you should be able to get a fairly large momentary push button switch from radiocrap
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