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2 devices into the same input on audio receiver

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  • 2 devices into the same input on audio receiver

    Okay, I realize this is a forum about carputers, but I don't have many other places to ask...

    Let me start you off with some background information:
    I'm in a college dorm. My roommate and I both have computers, and we have both of them hooked up to an audio receiver.

    Yeah, I could buy speakers or something but don't want to. I like the surround sound and nice big speakers. And... I'm in college and don't want to spend more money than I have to.

    We originally had both computers hooked up to separate inputs (Input1 and Input2), but then we could only have sound for one computer at a time.

    So I go to Radioshack and get an RCA Y-splitter, so we can put both computers into the same input. This works fine for his computer which only has a 3 foot cable to the receiver, but not so fine for my 25 foot cable. My computer's sounds is very faint even when there is no sound coming from his computer. When I plug mine directly into the receiver, the sound is normal. With the Y-splitter, though, my sound output is much lower.

    I can't really figure it out. Does anyone have any ideas why, and what can I do to enable both to have sound at the same time without killing my output?

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    You really should be using a mixer. Luckily for you, you alredy have one. Connect the line out from your computer to the line in on your friends computer. His PC will mix his sound and your sound together before going off to the receiver. Other than that, you're gonna have to buy something.


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      Your friend's sound card may be offering a less encumbered path to ground. I think a diode on each channel of both cables might fix that.


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        From another thread on a similar topic:


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          or get a a/v switcher
          When in doubt, moo at things.