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  • practical mechanics?

    hmm.. well.. i'm thinking about building a motorized sifter. but i dont know how i'd go about it.

    basically, we have several hundred cubic feet of dirt in the back yard, that i want to sift the large rocks out of. (if you ever lived in poway, you'd know the hell i'm in) anyway, there's several req's

    a strong grate to break up and sift the dirt through... not sure what material to use.. we've been using 1/2 inch spacing wire mesh.(called contractors fabric or some bs like that) anyway, it works for hand doing the sifting, but i want something a bit more durable.

    what kind of motor would i want?

    how would i get it to crank back and forth? this would empty into a wheelbarrow below it, and be approx 1.5 feet total above the height of a wheelbarrow (so i can dump shovelfulls directly into it)

    it's gotta be dump-emptyable. rocks and crap sifted out need to be able to be removed all at once.

    Last, it's gotta be collapsible. we got a limited amount of storage space here lol. we are currently using a 30x30(ish) hand-built wooden frame sift that we just set on top the wheelbarrow, but that goes too slow.

    anyone got any ideas?