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Anyone here have a Pocket PC / iPAQ?

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  • Anyone here have a Pocket PC / iPAQ?

    I just got a Pocket PC for work and want to know some important stuff... Where do get free games...

    Seriously.. Anyone have any cool games or software or do anything cool with yours??
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    When I had my 3630 (one of the first iPAQs) I spent most of the time with a NES emulator, and the Mario games

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      You can play those on a Pocket PC?? SAAAWEET! Do you have any links?
      Current Vehicle: 2007 Dodge Nitro

      Second Vehicle: Sold it :( 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab

      First Vehicle: 2003 Ford Ranger


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        Sorry, no links, it was ~3yrs ago when I got mine, and it died ~20 months ago, still sitting in the box...!

        Do a Google search for Pocket PC Nes Emulator

        Of course, you'll also need the ROMs, which you can legally download providing you own the game...otherwise you can't legally download them

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   is pretty cool, and free.
            It uploads websites to your handheld when you sink your pda with your pc. you can choose from like 100 websites. great piece of software IMO
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              PocketPC Thoughts is a great resource for all things Pocket PC, it's the equivalent of the PocketPC world.

              There are heaps of games available for the PPC, and even if you buy them, they are a fraction of the cost of full PC games. Pocket Gamer is a good place to start.


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                I have TONS of stuff for Pocket PC.
                Not really into games, but have Tomb Raider for Pocket PC. It looks exactly like the original except it's harder to kill the dogs and bears...

                ( I have Heard ) that File Sharing networks have lots of stuff, but I wouldn't advocate anything like copyright infringement

                Some good apps
                DVD 2 PPC
                Pocket Divx
                Pacman & Mrs Packman ( great )
                Theme Master - lots of sites with free themes (skinns)
                Skype for PPC ( Internet phone - free calls ) my name ( don944la )

                Just a few


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                  There is a copy of Age of Empires for the PPC, and its quite awesome.
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                    Check the pocket PC newsgroup.

                    They got all sort of, GPS, emulators, ebooks, utils, ROMs...just about anything you can think off

                    Have you seen the Ipod emulator? kinda


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                      *uses palm* :-P
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                        morph gear is a pretty good commercial emulator for most systems (gba games don't play fast enough though) and there is a mame port for pocket pc

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                          My group was given an iPAQ 5550 for the Computer Science Operating Systems class I'm taking this semester. We've installed the familiar linux distribution with Opie Windows Manager onto it. We are given various assignments that require making changes to the linux kernel and testing them on the iPAQ.

                 has a good size collection of free linux software for the iPAQ. It includes games, emulators, media players, etc.
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                            I love my IPAQ...

                            People think it's a Palm ... Puhleeeeese !!!!!

                            just got a 512mb SD card for it at frys... $39
                            gonna probably put a 1GB SD card in it soon as well. This way I can install all the stuff I want on it.

                            Has anyone upgraded a later one to the latest CE 4.2 ROM level 2.5..
                            I would highly recommend it.. Wireless is now native and still has bluetooth, only downside is that the 20mb of Ipaq Filestore is gone because of the increased footprint of WinCE. Still have 64mb + 512MB + 128mb (WiFi card )... Smokin