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A/C filter?

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  • A/C filter?

    The A/C vents in my volvo 940 started spewing out pieces of what looks to be like foam, only it crumbles if i hold and squeeze it together, and it rubs into my clothes. Is this the A/C filter that's falling apart? BTW the cooling part of the A/C doesn't work anymore-only heat does.

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    You let out the magic smoke !
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      I had an old car that did that, I think the foam in all the ducts gets old and falls apart
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        I had an air purifier filter do that. I took the filter out to clean it, and and it just crumbled in my hands. It was a black foam pad thing that dried out.


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          hmm. I the entire cabin also stinks of mildew. I have a feeling this could be either from leaving the windows down during some harsh snow storms last winter and during a passing of the last time it rained here, or it could be coming from the broken A/C, or a combination of both? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of this?


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            Get rid of the smell or the white foam?

            The smell... leave the windows cracked, out in the sun... if that doesn't kill the smell, try some fabreeze. It got the vomit smell out of my car (I was DD )


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              Are you sure your car doesn't have Rabies?
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