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Riots, Idiots and a Game 7 Dream Ruined

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  • Riots, Idiots and a Game 7 Dream Ruined

    I was in South Carolina when the Red Sox won game 6. It was just after midnight when I got in my car and start driving toward New York City, tickets in hand for game 7. Itís been 86 years since the Sox won a World Series. Itís been 18 years since theyíve been in one.

    Iím only 20, but Iím a life-long Red Sox fan. Not just a fan of my hometown team, but a fan of the sport and a fan of what it represents as an American pastime. I sat in Yankee Stadium, the first time Iíd ever been there. I sat with my girlfriend and her family. They met us there after driving from Massachusetts.

    I gawked in amazement as the Yankees took the field. Was I really at Yankee Stadium for game 7 of the ALCS which the Red Sox had won 3 straight to tie the series after dropping the first 3 games? This is truly the stuff dreams are made of.

    You see, as a kid in Massachusetts you dream of hitting a walk-off home run in the ALCS. Itís not the World Series because you can never face the Yankees in the World Series, and beating the Yankees is what itís all about.

    Well you all must know the Sox did beat the Yankees in game 7. They are the first team to come back from an 0-3 deficit and win a 7 game series. Pure bliss, pure joy and utter amazement where about all I could muster for emotions. Itís 20 years of dreaming come true and I was there for it.

    All my days of hoping for this, I couldn't imagine anything that could prevent me from being happy for weeks afterwardsÖ

    Yesterday I found out that there was a fatality in Boston that night. A young woman was shot in the eye by a Police pepper-ball, a paintball filled with pepper-spray. Apparently someone had thrown a bottle at horse-mounted police and they had fired these pepper-balls into the crowd to disperse it.

    The young woman killed was an acquaintance of mine from high school. She was a year older than me and we werenít friends, but she was someone that everyone knew and liked. Why do some people have to be such idiots? As our hero Curt Schilling said, how does lighting a car on fire or throwing a bottle celebrate a baseball victory?

    Think twice before you act.

    The story is here:

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    one of the few reason it happen is because bpd over reacted. commen sense would tell u that u cant shot bullets at a crowd. what they did was a step too far even the commissioner said they had used too much force in that situation. it sucks that she died i feel bad for her family and friends.
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      That's very sad indeed. Luckily you don't live in Europe - you haven't seen a sports riot until you've seen a football riot.....
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        No loss of life is acceptable. Nonetheless there is more justification, for ones self anyway, if someone participating in a riot is hurt. It's different when the police hurt an innocent person in a setting in which no one should have been hurt in the first place.

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          as horrible as it is that a person should die because of a persons stupidity, i just hope it will make someone else think twice about their actions in the future.
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            i have a friend that lives in boston.. he was about 7 during the 86 series and his dad woke him up and said you are about to watch sports history. The redsox are going to end the curse. About 10 minutes or so we all know what happened.. and he said it was the only time he say his dad break down and cry
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