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  • newbie help please!

    ok so i bought this neon light up bar for my car that iw ant to mount on the exterior. easy... just mount it somewhere.

    but power...... heres what i want to do.... i want to hook it up to the car battery so it lights up only when i turn on my headlights.

    right now it is neon bar... =>> cigarette plug. im assuming ill have to cut that. but can anyone give me specific instructions?


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    Well, make sure you know which wire is positive and which is negative. Get some quick splices from an auto parts store and ask them how to use it. Find the wire for your headlights under the dash or behind the headlights, splice off of them and you're set. To find which wire it is, you're best off using a multitester.
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      do i spliec the NEGATIVE into the headlight wire?

      or the positive? lets say i know which one is + and -

      which one hooks up with the headlight wire?

      and i dont need to hit the battery??



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        + with + - with -

        Hit the battery? did it do something to you?
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          but if its + with + and - with - then it has nothing to do with my headlights.

          following what lgbr said... i need splicer.. + or - gets spliced with the headlights? and where does the other one go?



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            positive neon to positive headlight
            negative neon to negative headlight
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              YAY thanks =)


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                do not splice the neons parallel with the headlights. you'll create a parallel circuit that will dim that one headlight.

                the correct way of doing this is to run one power wire from the battery to a relay. then relay to neon. have the relay close when your headlights turn on.

                please be careful when installing electrical equipment into system as critical as headlights.

                learn about basic circuitry and get yourself a radioshack multimeter.