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    As i'm receiving my hardware and starting to finalizing integration of my softwares, i found that since the last time i downloaded GPSdrive, my corrupting everything on earth aka Micro$chiotte found a way to kill some ressources (the only ?) for linux projects.
    Am i nuts ?
    I whished to but unfortunately i'm not.
    My dear friend Bill bought both servers, licences and technology from expedia AND mapblast and btw destroying any chance to have something decent on linux. I believe it was not so much to offer really something but more to cancel something that was endangering their own products.
    I will anyway find an alternate solution.
    All this is really stinky and disgusting.

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    I can be flamed or banned after that i don't really care


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      Hope this makes you feel better...


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        Originally posted by Seth
        hahahahahaha thats so awesome


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          Well i'm not a linux integrist and some faces of windows are comfortable i recognize that but the software playground is wide enough to let people create, it's always the same...someone creates a product with linux and if the created product is quite fair, the huge machinery buys the product to kill any concurrence before it occurs. This is clever but not Bristish and class in the behavior, meant fair play.

          Try to have a look at this and look down of the page when you defined a route.

          Now go too on

          Funny advertisment and guess about what and who


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            I don't understand a word of what you just said.
            [H]4 Life
            My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
            It will be done sometime in the next generation.
            I'm a lesbian too.
            I am for hire!


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              Lol that's normal i'm not native english and very old

              Ok so in short version.
              year 2002 > GPSdrive was using expedia and mapblast servers.
              year unknown after 2002> A big software company bought both servers used to feed the maps to GPSdrive so i will have more work to do to use another map database. i'm now searching which one could be interesting to be used. I will try with some michelin which seems to be in jpeg format :-/


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                Wow hahaha Gates is in deep doo-doo for this one! There is nothing that he can say, the proof is there. Sound Forge could get billions ( used a PIRATED version of Sound Forge) and sold how many millions of XP??? So for each XP Gates needs to buy a Sound Forge and Sony owns it now!!!!
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