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i got scammed by:sid3ways13

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  • i got scammed by:sid3ways13

    i got a bought a computer from him paid for it not last friday but the friday before and then he finally said he shipped it on last wednesday,never provided a shipping number, and now its is friday and nothing, nothing at all.
    sry had to vent a little,does anybody know what is happening with this guy i am ready to get a claim from paypal to get my money back
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    you better hurry, after 30 days paypal wont do ****. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Hey that really sux!! I feel for ya. Hope you get it all sorted out, don't wait any longer, its easy to retract your claim if he comes through, pretty much impossible to argue over time limits that may be imposed.


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        i hope i dont have to but it has been 2 week since i sent the monwy and nothing
        S.M.A.R.T. car project is on its way
        car of the future, you will all see


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          Well you can file a complaint w/ PP, then he must show proof that he sent it to you (tracking number). If he cannot provide this, then you will (in theory) get your money back. Of course, if you get your money back & then the item arrives, you should do the right thing and resend the money to him
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            I'm sorry if I'm a little of topic here, but I have to know, 'couse I've never had to deal with Paypal and money tranfer. My questions:
            1) how does Paypal work?
            2) if you pay with money transfer, what guarantee do you have that you'll get your product?
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