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Happy Thanksgiving

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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

    I am very thankful for my friends and family. They truly care about me, and have stuck by me thru good times and bad. It's nice to have people that you can really count on. I am a very lucky man.

    Now it's time to go get fat!

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    Same to you buddy

    Happy Thanksgiving...

    I'm happy that i was allowed to live. Hapy for the regular stuff (family, wife, friends), and least bot not last Happy for this site... Keep up the good work people


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      Ohw that's why ...

      I was looking @ NASDAQ to my Google's, and i saw that the course didn't change. I tought so that there was something to do over the ocean, so it's thankgiving today :-)

      Ok so happy thanksgiving to all :-) In Europe we don't do stuff like that, everytime we go into a bar, it's thanksgiving for us :-)
      ThE ScReW's CarPuter :-)


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        Happy Turkey Day!


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          Here in Germany it's just another day...

          But this American is still celebrating Thanksgiving with a very delicious traditional Thanksgiving meal. I don't care where life takes me, I'll still take this day to stop and give thanks for my wonderful family, great wife-to-be, my daily bread and my great country.

          Where I am now, I'm thankful that we can have peace compared to 60 years ago... and I hope in much less time we can have peace in many other places in the world.
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            Happy T-Day!

            I'm thankful to have a place where I can find people that are just as geeky as me !
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              Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope you r day has been filled with good friends, family and good food. Here is some interesting reading, the first Thanksgiving Day proclamation by George Washington in 1789.

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