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ebay rotors?

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  • ebay rotors?

    I'm sure alot of you have seen the cross-drilled and/or slotted rotors on ebay for sale. You can practicly find them for any make at around the same price. I was wondering if anyone has purchased any?

    Take these for example. $130.00 for four rotors seems a little too good to be true.
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    My $ out for the drilled rotors. Having them slotted is fine, but at the drill holes they tend to crack. For street purposes, stick with slotted only.

    The rotors online should be fine, but I would suspect the tolerences are far from OEM. May want to have a local place chuck them up in the brake lathe and skim them just to make sure. We used to do that with Napa rotors at the shop I worked at due to poor tolerences.
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      IMHO, I wouldn't trust my life with anything on ebay.
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        For that price they'll be made of chocolate.... or warp so bad that you'll think your car has got square wheels...

        You can hardly get 4 new budget-but-decent, normal, vented disks for that price (and I know how much they cost, trade). Stay clear, your safety is worth much more.
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          Man Starions are soooo cool, my friend has one and i'm jealous.
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            Auto parts on ebay is a NO NO. The only thing you should buy from eBay is stuff from well known brands, and good sellers. The only thing I would buy for a car on ebay is wire, connectors, etc.

            If you want good rotors, hit a local shop or something. Check automotive forums for your car, they usually have a good classifieds section.
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              I've bought auto parts off eBay twice now. Both times I made sure it was name brand stuff, the auction you're looking at looks like it's unbranded. I bought similar ones for a 96 Probe last year bought I only bought them because they were Brembo (one of the best names in brakes). I also bought a new locking differential for my Durango and it works great, also was a name brand (Spicer). Stick with new name brand stuff if you're going to buy anything off eBay.
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                awesome.Thanks for all your replies. I'll stick with the name brands. I saw some brembo's for sale for $300.00 or so.

                Pudge,I agree. starions are badass. Guy back in orlando is selling his 88 tsi. 60,000 pamperd miles. and he is only asking $3,500. thank god for overtime and plasma banks.
                I just hope it wont be sold by the time I get the money together.
                they made me laugh
                "Damn pounds. Euros and USD!" - N09

                "don't ruin my dreams! my parents did plenty of that " -Hcomplyr