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  • It LIVES!!!!!!!!

    I finally got my carbox formed! it's not finished yet(still need the head unit with the auxillary input.), but my god is it beautiful. best part? only 70 dollars, free if you don't count birthday presents(got an inverter for my birthday. yes, I know that's weird for a teenager.). I'll be posting pics later. I don't really think this belongs in the show off your project forum, since it's not done.

    there's currently:
    -one softmodded xbox.
    -one modified super nintendo(runs off batteries, and my screen is attached to it.).
    -one inverter that can be used in the car or hooked up directly to the battery.

    future plans:
    -PS2 screen.
    -head unit with aux input.

    future possibilities not related to carbox:
    -small television, I'm thinking ten inches.
    -different consoles.

    now, I have a few questions.

    question one: can you use a playstation remote on other consoles via a converter?

    question two: this inverter works rather...oddly. it has a positive and a negative spot, and all power cable designs screw on similar to an old television. a picture has been included. red thing screws on over grey thing. gray thing is the cable. I've never seen this used before, and I was wondering if I could get longer cables that use the same method.

    question three: is it incredibly insane of me to want to use this to play home consoles when I go camping, or just slightly insane?

    EDIT:new question. I use dvd2xbox for my backups, and am planning on adding dvd-x for playing movies. can dvd-x play backed up movies? is there a way to make XBMC do such a task?
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    softmodded xbox, PSOne screen, inverter. simple and effective. Combine with PDA and head unit with aux input, and we're having a wonderful time.