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Anyone else get a PSP?

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  • Anyone else get a PSP?

    So, I got this PSP Thursday, came as a lil gift from work. The thing's f-in cool, I must admit, although I never would have actually gone out to buy one. I'm not big into video games, but I have been playing MP3's on it. Anyways, it has 802.11b wireless in it, and you supposedly just connect it to a wireless network and it updates it's firmware from sony. Well, I can't get it to connect to my WLAN, it will recognize it as an available network, but not connect. Sony has a PSP board on their site, and lots of people have the exact same problem and error code I have, and the only answer I saw was that one guy ended up trying a different wireless router, and it worked. Kinda ****ing me off, cuz I dont wanna buy a new router, but I have heard that the firmware updates in just the last 3 days have already made big differences <adding web-browser capabilities and such>. So, if anyone got one, and knows what's up, lemme know. Or, one of you networking guys solve this for me.

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    Dude, where do you work..?
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      yeah can come work there too?
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        Yea i wish my job gave me a PSP, i want and probably will get one, but prolly no time soon.


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          yeah i got one ... I'm listing to it as we speak. I've been lusting over since like 2003 when the first photos were out on the web. (yeah i bought my own, its **** like this that makes it so I'm never going to be able to actually afford my carputer.) I was able to connect it to one of my routers, but not the other one. for the heck of it you should try to disable things like wep and/or mac address filter and then see if it connects up.

          also sony has only released one firmware upgrade for the psp. it will update firmware 1.0 to 1.5, and all of the north america psps shipped with 1.5 so it is of little use for us. there was a firmware leak a while ago that would render your psp unusable that had the basis of things like a web browser, word processor, etc. alot of the things you have been reading about in the sense of a web broswer have probably been from some guy that figured out that there is a web broswer embeded into the game wipeout: pure. this could be just an api to the psp so we may see the same thing in other upcoming games.

          Chances are that there won't be another firmware update until it gets released in korea sometime in may (i think). There is some rumor floating around that at this time a web browser will be released.
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            i want one, but they are too overpriced


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              HOW TO BROWSE WEB!

              This is not another pointless topic saying "Oh! THis guy figured out how to browse the internet on the PSP!" No. This tells you how to actually do it. First of all I take little credit for this. The IP I give you is the IP to his website. Not mine in any way. It is very simple. First of all: You must own Wipeout Pure.

              On you main menu of the PSP unit go into your Network settings. Once you find your network and stuff you should eventually get to the DNS setup. Merely set your Primary DNS server to Go to the Download section on wipeout. Voila! You'll see his website. From there you can do just about anything. Flash will not work, and will dramatically slow down the loading. Most Java does work, I got into a JavaChat and started chatting; although it takes forever to type using the PSP's virtual Keyboard (API I think its called). To move around and highlight things you just merely hit the down, up, left, or right buttons. Once you have a text box highlighted, hit X and the PSP's virtual keyboard will pop up. Logitech is releasing a USB mini-keyboard that will mount on the bottom of the unit. It is due out next month. The browser will load almost all images (.GIF, .JPG, .PNG etc.)

              Here is a link to his website which explains this how he did it:

              Here is a more is a more descriptive guide I put together:

              1. Goto Settings ---> Network Settings ---> Infrastructure Mode ---> Edit your connection you already had or create a whole new one.

              2. Then setup the SSID and WEP (if you use WEP encryption) in Address Settings select Custom. Then IP address setting will come up, select Automatic.

              The next screen will display DNS settings. Select custom.

              Set the Primary DNS to (this is what will let you get online browsing).

              Optional: Set the secondary DNS to your router's IP (this will supposedly allow you to continue browsing even if his server goes offline).

              3. Set Proxy Server as Do Not Use if you are not using one.

              4. Confirm the setting list and Save the settings.

              5. Put in Wipeout Pure and go to the Downloads section. When it asks what connection to use select the connection you just set up and viola, your online!

              You can navigate the pages using the D-pad and select links with the X button. L will take you back to the last page you were on and R will take you to the next page. You can also enter text into text boxes by highlighting the box and pressing X.

              Pages take a while to load, most likely because: 1) Wipeout is not really made for web browsing. 2) We're going through his website. 3) Most pages contain Flash, which the PSP does not support. The PSP attempts to load the Flash and thus it takes much longer. Pages with just basic PHP, Font, and Java and not a whole lot of pictures don't take quite so long.


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                Their soldout everywhere I checked, but our local radio station is giving a few away everyday this week, I'm trying to win one.
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