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  • PocketPC as a phone

    Hey folks.

    I'm kinda at a dead end here. Thought I'd ask my brotha geeks for some assistance and/or direction.

    I've got a Axim X50 with a 801.11B wireless NIC and what I'd like to do is set it up so that I can use it as a cordless phone at work where we have have a cisco phone system set up.

    I've tried some software packages that claim to do what I want, like skype and such but none seem to be specifically geared to my particular setup.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? or has anyone done what I'm trying to do?

    I do have the server's information so its not an issue with the system settings. So please help.

    Thanks guys and gals (however many few we have here <g>)

    EDIT: If it helps I'm trying to get the PocketPC to emulate a Cisco IP Phone 7940
    Mind Scream out

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    If the Cisco VOIP system is SIP-compatible, then something like Xten's Softphone should work:

    I don't think there are any free PPC products out there though that'll do what you're hoping they'll do.
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      Thanks Drait, I'll give this a shot.
      Mind Scream out