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    not unusual but hazards non-the less - WOMEN!

    i have had to dodge a carpet that fell off a truck 2 cars infront and blocked the fast lane! It was raining and it was the height of my bonnet and sods law it fell accross the lane! Other people were not so lucky.


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      did you read the one at the bottom of that page marked "Woman Had Leech Up Nose For A Month" - haha. How could you not know something up your snout
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        half of a car in the middle of the freeway. I called the police about it, then they put me on hold then sent me to an answering machine.
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          Car headunits on the floor! **Cloudy! **Cough, Cough**


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            When I lived in NorCal, every day I went to the Bay Area there was a ladder in a lane of some freeway or another. I think that was a daily occurance.

            I saw a boot int he middle of the road recently....

            Some sort of a large appliance. I think it was a clothes dryer, but I'm not certain.

            This is all **** that's been in the roadway.
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              I've actually seen a pillow fall out of a truck in front of me. It was in a plastic bag, and it caught some wind. People are retards for thinking that the wind won't move stuff around in their trucks
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                I live by a school, and there are always brats in the road! They dont slow me down too much, though. I was thinking of putting one of those train horns in so I dont hafta run em down anymore.
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                  on my way to school this morning, there was a washing machine in the middle of the merge lane...


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                    I was on the motorway a while ago and the car i was overtaking hit a pothole (british roads eh), now this car had a spare wheel up under the back of the car, the frame carrying the wheel gave way, the next thing i see is sparks coming from this frame and i pass a spare wheel thats sliding at quite a pace complete with jack and tools in the centre.
                    I have no idea of the damage this probably caused to cars behind but the silly cow kept on going so i reported her to the police, i hope she got a bollocking.
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                      This is a horror story.

                      Those of you who drive I-95 in florida know what I mean, and those on the east coast who have driven 95 ever, know what I mean...

                      I95 has lots trash on it, and its boxed in (in south florida) on both sides by concrete guards, so trash just piles up on the sides of the road. ANd when I say trash I dont be home refuse, I mean **** that falls off of cars, trucks etc.

                      Anyway few years back, a guy was driving in the HOV lane and heard a metal clank sound and felt something hot on his leg. He looked down and in horror he saw a rebar sticking into his leg thru the floor boards.

                      I dont remember anymore details but this was just a footnote in the papers because no one ever cleans up 95 and even after this story, no one cared.
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