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Rant about F**king University CRAP

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  • Rant about F**king University CRAP

    Its all bollox, still up and sober at nearly 3am handin at ****in 10am, with about 700 words to write and BLAH BLAH BLAH doesnt cut it,
    i`m ****ing stressed out, its all crap ,
    all this cos i`m greedy and wanted to better my life for myself and my Girl!!!!
    is ****in me off!!!
    Thanks feel better for that,
    anyone else still up doin this ****e?
    Still Planning and Scavenging Parts ------Software-----and anything else i can lay my hands on!!! :)

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    I haven't gone to sleep before 5 am in 3 days. Then I wake up at 8:30 am!!! I'm feelin ya!!! This stuff sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I try not to stress. Almost fell asleep during a test yesterday!!

    All I wanna do is work on my car, not school bull*****.

    Now all I have to do is study for 2 tests and write a research paper. No prob!!!
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      I do try not but **** happens,

      i think i need to gio sailing to chill the **** out, or just hand this paper in,
      do 2 presentations,
      two more reports,
      and 3 exams i think, cant bloody wait,
      then 3 more ****ing years.
      cheers for the words tho pal
      Still Planning and Scavenging Parts ------Software-----and anything else i can lay my hands on!!! :)

      Acquired a Toshiba Satelite 4000CDT
      HDD`s ****ed new one on way! 30gb Toshiba.


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        I really feel for you. Usually when I get bombarded with this **** I just realize that what I do that night will have a HUGE impact on the REST of my life. Very motivating.
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          What year are you in? Cos if it is not your final or a 3 year or one off your last 2 of a 4 year you haven't been through anything yet!!!

          I remember our enture year getting kicked out of a drawing office once at 9.30 AM as there was a civils class about to start after being in there since 9am the previous morning as we had a fuselage design assignment that had to be in.

          My first all nighter was in the 1st year. I couldnt let my g/f down so had to go out with her and then come back and stay up all night doing some coursework. Aftery ou have done it a few times it then becomes natural!

          3rd year design project - i was the project manager and in charge of designing the wing, high lift devices and tail (horiz and vert) and for 6 months I was working everynight until 3-4am (would have to entertain the g/f then get up once she was a sleep to carry on working as I had so much work on) and then in the final 2 weeks I stayed up for 3 days to redesign the undercarriage as the guy working on it for 6 months had screwed up and then had a few days latr I had to stay up for 5 days and write a 18,000 of a 27,000 word (+about 200 fugures) report (just the aero section nevermind the rest of the plane) and go into uni to sort out the other 11 team members to makes sure their sections were ok.

          Final year....i spent 10 days working 7am to 6am on my thesis as I had my test machine broken by some dick heads and was late finishing. 1hr sleep a day kills you!

          I have not been to sleep before 4am 95% of the time for the past 3 years. That is Uni for you!

          Sleep when you are old!


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            yeah i know, just gotta get into more and try and sort my lifes priotys out.
            just serioulsy ****ed off with it last night,
            Thanks for the opions and stories, put it all perspective now
            Still Planning and Scavenging Parts ------Software-----and anything else i can lay my hands on!!! :)

            Acquired a Toshiba Satelite 4000CDT
            HDD`s ****ed new one on way! 30gb Toshiba.


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              Working in front of a Pc all night is always a shock to the system. There is somehting about watchign the sun rise as you work - it is beautiful but you feel spaced out. Especially when a hot air ballon then goes past your window!

              doing my thesis i used to see little people running around my desk pointing things out and moving papers. I killed a few but then they became useful! - no ****ting you here! I literally went crazy!

              Best thing to do after is reward yourself with a good 12hr sleep followed by a good meal and a night out with the bird!


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                yeah, watching the sunrise as your working is freaky as.
                My reward when i finish about 4am ish go windsurfing or sailing before uni,
                One big prob is the girlfriend lives in essex and i`m down in southampton
                Still Planning and Scavenging Parts ------Software-----and anything else i can lay my hands on!!! :)

                Acquired a Toshiba Satelite 4000CDT
                HDD`s ****ed new one on way! 30gb Toshiba.


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                  essex girl eh? got any pics?


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                    I'm in my fourth year. I am supposed to graduate this week. But am I gonna graduate this year? No. Why? Because I was not told that the campus I was going to go to needed me to schedule 4 weeks earlier than that was posted on the freakin' website. So I missed a very important math class.

                    So, then I go to my advisor, can you do anything about this I asked?
                    Of course, not. He said. You should've known better. Dick.

                    So, now I am taking that same math class. I go to a my new advisor, at my new campus, and ask him if there was any way to get into the Senior Design class that I needed to take in order to graduate without this class.
                    Of course, not. He said. You should've taken that class already. Dick.

                    So, I threatened to drop out. (Advisors jobs, at least at this particular school: Penn State! is to keep attendance up by settling down students.) And of course, that sent him into a small little tantrum. A very funny little show, by the way. Oh, you can't drop out, its only a little set back...and so on.

                    I came to this school because I wanted to have the 24 hour machine shop access that they PROMISED me. However, to my dismay, I'm here almost a whole semester, and then I find out that Mechanical Engineering students don't need to be in there, so they are not allowed. WHAT THE F? I thought you told me I was allowed? Huh? Who told you that?

                    So, by the time I graduate, I will have WASTED a total of 5 years at a University that doesn't teach me ****, and I will have paid for all 5 years of it. I want to go into robotics. I really want to build robots, and even myoelectrics. But do you think they have any sort of coverage of such things? No. Was I told they did? Yes. Have I had any experience with machinery, metal, mechanical systems, power transmission, or anything of the sort? No. Have I had enough math courses to otherwise earn me a math degree? Yes.

                    So what have I gotten out of this whole experience at the wonderful Penn State? Absolutely Jack ****.
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