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Car gas gauge problems, experts help!

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  • Car gas gauge problems, experts help!

    I noticed in the past week that my gas hand is moving erraticly. When I am idle, my gas hand will move back and forth, twitching, sometimes from as much as E to half a tank. I also use around a half a quarter of a tank to get to work, this morning I filled it up and it was over F, I drove straight to work, when I got back in a few min ago, over a quarter of a tank was gone. I drove to the bank, came back, and sit idle for a few minutes getting my papers together, and noticed the gas hand going crazy again.

    I also put in a 5 dollars in gas the other day, which is what it normally takes me to get to work, before I even got home, I had to put 5 more in. I have checked, and there seems to be no leak, im guessing electronic.
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    Could be a problem with the regulator on your alternator? I seem to remember reading a similar fault a few years ago, but can't be sure.
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        2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?