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  • dreamweaver to build ASP pages

    wassup guys,

    not sure how many web developers there are here ...

    but I have taken on a new project which requires dynamic pages (pull info from database and display it). I've chosen to go with ASP because I've had SOME experience.

    i'm thinkin to go with an ms access database. I have a book here, "Dreamweaver MX: ASP.NET Web Development" ... seems like an OK book. I'm also plannin to go through a bunch of online tutorials.

    From what I've read so far, DWMX allows me to write ASP pages without even writing a single piece of code .. damn nice.

    I am goin to be making a project site where a real estate guy buys houses and sells em. For each house, he has a set of general information that will be stored in the database. I need to make a page that will list the houses and when you click on a link to a specific house, it will then go to a page which will show the specific details for that house.

    Shoudln't be too difficult to implement, right?

    just lookin for general feedback / advice / tips / etc. thanks
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    I say learn the code, not the tool. Dreamweaver is a good program, but is a shotty hack when you learn what it generates. (HTML, at any rate - I haven't messed with it's ASP capabilities) If you really want to improve your skills, pick up a book (non dreamweaver) and learn how to write ASP yourself - it's not very difficult.
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