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    I remember watching The Screen Saver on TechTV (Now G4TV), and they demo a program that will go thru your MP3 files and update 'em with the correct information. The program sampled a few seconds of the song and compared it to it's database. Right now I have over 4k of MP3 and a few hundred are wrong. Some, I have no idea what or who sings 'em. I have change a few myself. Anyone know of somthing that will do the trick besides Media player?
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    MusicMatch JukeBox has a SuperTagger that does wonders. But you gotta pay to use it.
    I'm certain there's freeware that will do it just as well wihtout the pay-to-play....
    I just happen to have a paid version, so it works for me....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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