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    After much consideration I've decided to move along to greener pastures, 'nuff said.

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    when i buy from ebay i try to think of it as a classifieds.
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      Well, yeah, eBay isn't always the best place for deals on some things. But sometimes it is. I bought a $100 Elgin gold watch (seen the exact same watch in stores, $99.95 price tag) for 4.80 plus like 5 bucks shipping. Brand new, in box, all warrenty information and tags still attached. Compared it to the real thing, side by side, and it is the exact same watch.

      Sometimes eBay pays off.
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        Hmmm... I got my Xenarc brand new off Ebay for $319 shipped. I tend to think that good deals are still out there you just have to wait for them, and they are a little more hidden with all the other crap that is on Ebay.
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          So far I have had only good experiances with Ebay. I have been ripped off twice by people selling on ebay but both times Ebay compensated me for the money I had lost.
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            There are some dam strange people on there

            Any of hear of that guy in england who brougth 5 FOR 10, Y would you do that?

            And i live on a island and we have are own money "well we have a Pound NOTE and england has the Pound COIN" and some person brought the Pound NOTE for 17.50 (it was in the paper)

            BUT... You can get some really good deals out there! I've see it happen!


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              its hardly ebays fault that people bid stupid money for things they havnt found cheaper elsewhere. Especially things to do with the PC.

              Other item categories (non pc) tend to have better bargains (not all though).


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                I always get good deals - but I only get "buy now" stuff - and I wait
                till something is in my price range, I do a lot of google-ing, to find info
                on the item, like price, specifications, ect ect, out of every 10 times
                I get ripped off 2 times - but because I pay half price or less on every
                thing, its not so bad, I can make up the difference -


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                  I bought a Scan Converter for 1 Euro....Ebay rocks!
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                    When searching for computer parts, I usually start out at, then check ebay. Usually though, the deal on pricewatch is better. I have goten good deals on ebay though. Just bought a Motorola MPx220 for $230 + Shipping, brand new!


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                      Originally posted by Kaitain
                      Does anyone else think eBay is pointless?

                      You rarely get a good deal, eBay charges the seller insane fees, you are very likely to get ripped off and eBay will do nothing about it. Hell, eBay itself stole $5 from me! It took an act of congress to get that lousy $5 back, I had to treaten to cancel my credit card before the credit card company went after eBay for the theft.

                      Case in point, there was a Xenarc 700 TSV on there that went for $358. Add the $25 shipping the seller is charging and you are paying $383 for something that might not work and has no warranty! You can buy it new for $389 and you get a warranty and you know it will work!
                      Your missing the whole point of ebay ebay isn't a place to get cheap stuff it's for auctioning stuff.

                      Usually you get cheaper stuff than at stores but it all depends on the seller and how many people bid.

                      It's not useless you can get lots of stuff you won't find in the stores around you and it also lets you get stuff that you usually have to find around in garage sales.

                      Ebay isn't pointless one bit if you don't like it or had problems with it then don't you it but its a service nd it's not ebays fault that some people ripp you off or start the price of a pc item just below retail price and end up buying it more.

                      Your gott be smart if you got burned for a item which was cheaper int he stores its your fault you didn't search to see if it was cheaper.

                      Also you get the stuff sent to you which is handy cause no everyone has time to go out and buy stuff most people will be like me and only have weekends to get any spare time and not everyone can go out to get something.

                      Went on a bit of a rant
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                        Ebay is OK as long as you know what you are doing and what you are buying.

                        I tend to use it to buy parts for my car, that I want to modify, and as long as the prices beat the dealers (not difficult in 99.9% of the time) and less hassle that the breakers then I will get it.

                        EG picked up 2 x headrests for my car, black leather for 12. They are 99 each at the dealers. Now I can relax a bit more while doing my headrest monitors coz I know I have spares.

                        also picked up a whole dashboard for 15 which allows me to test moulds out in doors rather thatn have to keep going out to the car.


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                          It's a good place to get a deal, if you are a) lucky and b) know how to shop. I have had several get away and cause me frustration, and due to everybody knowing about eBay these days, you are less likely to get a good deal...but I still prefer to shop there if I need something that I think I can get there.
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                            I hardly think it's worthless. It really depents on what you are looking for. I've found lots of older equipment on there that is no longer sold. Good quality items that you just can't buy any more. I also use it to get rid of items I've bought in the past but no longer need or use. Things that might take me years to find the right buyer I can sell in a week. I also use it to buy alot of formula for my son and baby items. I actually pay about 60% less for formula mix sealed and fresh in the can then from the store. When he was younger and had the car seat that snapped into a base I bought 3 more bases for $5 plus $20 shipping. They cost $25 a piece new.
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                              I bought a G-tech performance meter on e-bay, it cost me 39, it sells elsewhere for 150, I have bought 40 or so other things using e-bay, i had one problem and the sender refunded my money, most people want to keep a good feedback rating, if you know what your doing and avoid imports, you shouldn't get stung...
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