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    Hey all I have a sad story to tell you about my puppy, a 15 week old white lab. He loved to be near me where ever I was, this particular day I chose to go fishing at a new spot I had never tried before. A friend describbed the spot as a nice flyfishing spot where you can walk along the river bank.

    Knowing how my dog loved the woods, I opted to bring him with me instead of leaving him at home. We got to the spot and walked around for about an hour before I actually fished. The river was very high and as I began to fish I was concerned that my dog would get too close to the edge, fall in and be swept away, he just learned to swim a week ago.

    For his safty I decided to bring him back to my truck a few yards away from my fishing spot. If any of you have ever had a puppy you'd know that leaving him inside the vehicle is a bad idea. Because I have a big bed in my truck I decided to put him in the back, where he can still be outside.

    I hooked his leash to a hook in my truck and put the tailgate up. Creating a nice little box for him to play in.

    After fishing for no more than 30 minutes I decided to call it a night and walked back to my truck. To my horror I found that my puppy had somehow fell over the side of my truck bed and strangled himself.

    His little body was just short enough to be 1 inch away from the ground so his little feet couldn't touch the ground. He had no chance to even make a sound to alert me he was in trouble.

    I feel terrible and it hasn't sunk in that the noises I hear in my house are not him rustling around anymore. I know that his intensions were to try and find me once I was out of sight.

    He was turning out to be a great dog, he could sit, stay, come, fetch, fetch his leash, get my shoes for me and finally housetrained. I know that my relationship with him was very young but that him and I had bonded and I feel like I lost a friend.

    Accidents happen and I would do anything to turn back time and make a better decesion but I can't and I'm learning how life can throw you some awkward curveballs.
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    I'm really, really sorry man. I can't imagine how much that hurts.

    I guess the only lesson to be learned is if you have to do that, make sure the leash is long enough for them to touch.


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      sorry to hear. Must be horrible... Did you burry him?


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        I'm so sorry to hear about your lost. I have a dog and two cats and I can't imagine not having them around the house.

        I feel your lost. Take time to heal from this experience.

        Best Regards.


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          Wow, that is so sad. Sorry to hear that. Was this recently?
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            That is awefull. I am really sorry bro
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              Ack... Sorry to hear it man, I know how that kind of thing is. Never is easy to have to go through...
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                **** man, my thoughts go out too you. i ove my pets too cant be without `em.
                Again my toughts to ya bud, keep ya chin up.
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                  aww dude. That story brought a tear to my eye. I am so sorry for the little guy. Hope you are ok.


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                    ^ me too. Sorry to hear that.

                    You are not the first, not to think of it. I have hear many stories about that. Even worse on an upstairs deck.
                    If you are anything like me, it takes a while...
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                      Feel for you .... as Scouse says, brought a tear to my eyes as well. Must have been horrible to find him


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                        I had a dog die last year, I had her for a few years - Here liver stopped
                        working -

                        I had sprayed the dogs with a flea spray - 2 weeks before

                        I get the safe kind, that can be sprayed on the skin - but I found a
                        spray bottle that said it could be fatal on the skin - And I fear that
                        its the one I used, on them - it was with the other spray bottle
                        - I must have got it by mistake and never read it, the plastic was the
                        same color on both bottles, and same brand and logo on the sticker
                        - I just took for granted it was the same,

                        I will not ever know for sure if it killed my dog, but liver failure is some
                        thing that poison does

                        My dog took a week to die - Every time I see the spot were she slept
                        it gets me

                        It will be ok - It took a few months for me to feel better

                        you have my sympathy - take it easy - give it time


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                          Man that really sucks. It brought a tear to my eye also...


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                            Thanks to everyone for reading and the support you've all given, it has really been a help.

                            I've decided to burry his body near my home instead of giving it to the vet to dispose of. The reason is so that he will always be near his family, I also decided to wrap him up in a towel of mine that he always cuddled with.

                            My girlfriend and I had a discussion about wether or not we should get another puppy and we've decided to wait a bit.
                            Progress [I will seriously never be done!]
                            Via EPIA MII
                            512MB RAM
                            OEM GPS (embedded)
                            nLite WinXP pro on
                            1GB Extreme III CF card
                            Carnetix 1260 startup/ DC-DC regulator
                            Software: Still, re-Writing my existing front end in .Net


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                              I feel your pain....
                              About 3 months ago my 4 year old little girl Cocker Spaniels blow her knee and needed an ACL repair. The whole family chip in for the op...about 1 weeks later I noticed she didn't wanna eat..I figured she was just sad, not being able to do the thing she loved to do....I took her in to her her stiches removed and told the vet she was not eathing....after her blood work...her kidney were not working right...she lasted a week later...we did everthing we could...We drop alot of money to save her. Every morning before work I would drop her off and pick her up in the evening...I had to monitor her IV at night....She passed away 4/2/05 in my hands....

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                              After op....
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