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Happy 4th Of July All

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  • Happy 4th Of July All

    happy 4th of july all. be safe and have fun. i dont want any of you coming back hear with out a hand or anything.

    happy 4th
    my wish list:

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    Survival of the fittest! If they blow their hands off, it means they simply weren't meant to be! Unfortunately, us smart, law-abiding folk can no longer toss M-80's at small rodents because most people aren't smart enough to use them properly... Bummer.

    Anyway, happy 4th!
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      Rock Out Pato!


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        lol i work in a family owned fireworks shop in wouldnt believe how many people ask me for M-80s...when i tell them they are illegal, they ask me for quarter sticks of dynamite...what ******* retards! if an m80 is illegal what makes you think dynamite is going to be legal?
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          we sell M-800s i trick them all by saying this really fast.. "they are 10 times the name of an M-80" they fall for it everytime thinking its 10 times more powerful...thats what they get for not listening to me loooooool
          i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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            Yeah, Happy 4th to everyone, even you unlucky non-americans ( )!

            Please, do us all a favor and don't and


            Post # 3000


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              You may have escaped our grasp but we are still better!

              Keep your stinking country!

              hehe just kidding guys. Have a couple of lush BBQ'd steaks washed down with ice cold beer for me!


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                no i really do just agree with your first two lines scouse.... so proud of your independance... not proud enough to make your own language though and stop using english

                (shakes head and sighs) poor shame
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                  Hey, give 'em a break, they're working on the language.....color, harbor, center, aluminum, straightaway, the use of 'then' instead of 'than' and z's replacing s's in words ending in 'ised'. You gotta love 'em.

                  Happy celebs guys
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                    why dont they speak spanglish
           - The UK's best modified car club (With lots of 16/17/18 year olds for scouse to abuse)


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                      actually, the founding great ones discussed making german the official language, but 'than' they decided not to have any...
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                        Happy 4th ppl. BBQ on and on and on...


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                          Originally posted by elmo
                          why dont they speak spanglish
                          don't get me started.. it's only a matter of time. <grrrrrrrrr>
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                            Man, I saw this post and I saw last post by Scouse, then I see LastPost "Enforcer".... I had to come here and check it out and why is it that whenever I see an OT (or even not OT) post that has Scouse and Enforcer present it is guaranteed to make me laugh? haahhaha

                            Scouse's first comment was priceless (it is a joke but funny), and Enforcer didnt let me down!

                            Happy 4th guys! I wish I was in Miami... I've spent the 4th there every year, pretty amazing fworks! This year I'll only be there from the 13th on...

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