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    Hi Guys,

    I have recently taken a new job and it looks like I am going to have to build a few new desktop PC's. (This company isn't big enough yet to just order 10 from Dell!)

    I'm quite happy building/installing etc. Though my knowledge on what components to get isn't brilliant.

    Therefore - I wouldn't mind a few opinions on :

    Motherboards - which is the most reliable make, gigabyte, asus, intel etc. I also need it to fit into a small desktop case (am I looking at Matx only ???)

    Processors - Do I go for P4 or will the new Celeron D be just as good.

    RAM - DDR400 ??? what other specifications should I be looking out for.

    HDD - Any make to stay away from ???

    PSU - The case I am looking at comes with 200w PSU, remember these are office based PC's no real graphics intensive stuff etc. Is that enolugh power.

    Cheers for your help guys.


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    for the HD i would go with seagate barracuda
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      a price range helps

      CPU: amd athlon64 if possible (good price/performance ratio)
      Motherboard: Asus, Gigabyte, MSI are all good brands
      RAM: DDR400 is sufficient.
      HDD: Seagate Barracuda (try for SATA 7200.8)
      PSU: at least 350W with newer p4 or amd cpus. any generic one will work fine
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        TBH you may find it cheaper to actually buy the low end Dells, than to try to put PC's together yourself. You may in the short term save a few pennies, but long term it will probably end up costing you more.

        for example you don't know if the components you buy will work happily with each other, you will have the hassle of getting all the correct drivers to work with each other. You will have many points of contact if there is any support issues.

        When you add more PC's in the future you won' be able to get the same components, which means you will have all sorts of odd configurations again this will make support a nightmare.

        be hey, this is just my opinion.

        I know this was about a server but I think it is relevant


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          ditto. Ya want a warranty and service, especially in a business. Although if you want to stay busy with this, then build your own. Start with mobo and processor. I like amd
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            I would personally go with an MSI board. They are Imho he sturdiest boards out there. Go for something like an NForce 2 board.


            I have the ILSR (Firewire, Lan, Sound, Raid) version of this board for 1.5 years, no problems yet.


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              MSI or Asus for Motherboards
              I would go P4 (not riced out P4's) for processors or a good AMD (no Duron)before I would EVER touch a Celeron!
              Probably PC 2100 or faster for RAM. You can find DDR 400 cheap though so I would go with PC3200 DDR 400.
              Hard Drives: stay the hell away from IBM! I would go with Seagate or Western Digitals.
              Power supplies should be at about a 300w minimum.

              There's my 2 cents.
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