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the downfall, rebirth, death, and rebirth again of my headphones

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  • the downfall, rebirth, death, and rebirth again of my headphones

    okay so like 8 months ago i bought some nice sony DJ headphones for 50$.

    worked great for about 2 months. the the right speaker starting buzzing. so i threw em in my junk closet for a while. a month or two later i pulled em out again and decided to test em out to replace a set of neckbands that the wire had shorted out in and no longer worked. lo and behold, they worked perfectly. i used them since then without a hitch. then a few days ago, i fell asleep with them on like i do every night. i woke up to find the wire had been torn out of the right speaker. needless to say, i was both confused and ****ed. how could have it gotten ripped out? mind you, it takes some considerable force to rip the wire out of these. i know because i ulled them apart and found out the wire is wrapped around a post inside to provide strength. so i decided, instead of shucking out another fifty bucks for a new pair, i'd fix em. so i ran out to ratshack (radio shack to those uneducated ones) and bought a gold plated 1/8 stereo plug, some heat shrink tubing, solder, and some 24 guage stereo speaker wire. came to a clean $18.64.

    i ran home and began working. i pulled the ears apart and found out the traces on the speaker connection board had been pulled up and the speaker was toast. i was annoyed and almost gave up. but then i had a hunch... remember those neckband headphones i had fried? well, i hgad thrown them in the junk closet as well. they were sonys too. turns out they had the same exact speakers and plastic housing as the ones in my dj headphones. so i ripped em apart and snapped them into the dj 'phones. perfect fit. so i soldered the speaker cable to the speakers, helt the two wires together with heat shrink tube to keep em neat, and soldered the end connector on, and voila, they work perfectly! im happy now because i shaved myself a lot of money and because of the self satisfaction of working on them myself. i must admit, i think the new transparent housings on the wires looks a lit cooler than the old black cable.

    well enough rambling, heres a pic:

    whatcha think?


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    Cool , thats what I do with the guitar cables my friends break (saves me money :P )


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      i've done that before, and you end up with nicer sounding speakers, because the original cable is usually crap. good work, and nice to see people fixing things instead of throwing them and buying a new pair.

      THE NEW
      : ::

      THE OLD
      :: ::


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        yeah i notice they do sound better. im using a thicker guage wire than what was stock. so much better, more responsive and powerful bass.