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    Time to get a new cell phone, and I'm lookin for suggestions of what people here use and are happy/unhappy with. Ive got cingular service, and am currently leaning towards the Motorola V551. Ideally I dont want to spend too much more than that ( somewhere around $100 after rebates and whatnot...) So anything you guys have to offer would be appreciated.

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    I have the nokia 6230 and it is great. The v551 is a cool phone, too, but I have now become weary of motorolas. They seem to take forever to charge, and have weaker signals a lot of times. Check out for good descriptions.
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    Im thinking laptop...


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      My mom's got the v551. She's happy with it

      I got a SE s710a and its awesome! You get noticed when you're talking on it
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        I have had a lot of good phones:

        Motorola V300
        Samsung E317
        Motorola V551 - Bluetooth
        Nokia 6230B - Bluetooth
        Motorola MPx220 - Bluetooth (Use currently)
        Sony Ericsson T610/616 - Bluetooth
        Sony Ericsson Z600 - Bluetooth

        All of these have been very good.


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          what do you want it for?!

          are you going to be using phoco? do you need PDA functions? yada yada yada...

          its the same as saying "what car should I buy?"... it depends what ur after...

          with that said I have a black razr and like it

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            I also tried out the MPX220, and the nokia communicator... didnt like either. The communicator looked and felt like a BRICK, but looked good open. but purely as a phone it looked like CR#@#$@#P

            2005 Range Rover 4.4
            Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)