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Got caught by a money generating speed cam...

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  • Got caught by a money generating speed cam...

    and now they want me to go to court

    Heres the story...

    I was travelling southbound toward tower bridge in london early in the morning. Normal speed limit is 30mph, just before I enter the bridge I had to overtake this lorry and me reaching 36mph (according to them).

    The bastard bridge didnt have a 20mph sign until its too late. The 20mph limit sign is like next to the camera. By the time you realised the change in speed limit you would already have been caught. I could be travelling the normal 30mph and still got caught.

    The car is not registered on my name, so my friend got a letter. He filled out the form pointing I was the driver. Got a letter from the police asking if I was the driver. Filled out the form, told them Im guilty, and will pay the fine ASAP blah blah. I did wrote a note saying that Im gonna be away for a month so I wont be able to reply until I get back from holiday.

    Months gone past, they forgotten about it or what?

    Today I got a letter saying I must attend the court.

    I have 3 options :

    If I attend I must pay 35 for the court fee if Im found guilty or pleaded guilty.

    I can challenge them in the court, if not guilty then I dont pay anything.

    or I can plead guilty and the court will sort it out without me attending.

    Question is...if I go for the last option above, Im wondering if I have to pay the court for asking them to sort it out for me.

    They also want to know how much I earn and **** so they can adjust the fine...WTF?

    Man, all I was expecting was a fixed fine and a 3 points on my license. First time Im getting a speeding fine in 15 years of solid driving...whats this bull**** all about?

    Anyone gone through this before?

    The bridge is supposed to be a protected blah blah and will not tolerate speeding. Funny theres not a single cam in the middle of the bridge, they were only placed on the bridge entrances were the speed limit changes from 30mph to 20mph. I guess dont bother to protect the middle of the bridge...full of BS.

    Ill blow up that bridge, govt give me 250K a year, then they shoot an innocent brazillian guy. Nice life ehh?


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    Ah mate, that's a bastard. I would have argued the toss especially if the speed limit signs are so close to the cameras. Might be worth getting photos, measurements and anything else that you can submit as mitigation. Play heavily on your excellent driving record and appeal to the courts sense of fairness. Why the hell that couldn't just issue a fine beats me. Get a free half hour at a local solicitors and get their view. Apart from that I sympathise with you. This country sucks now, the government is just out to stitch us all up. Best of luck mate, keep us posted.
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      I feel for you mate, i got caught doing 38 on a dual carraigeway a good quarter of a mile from the nearest residential area and with no speed limit signs, the speed limit was 30, i don't know how they can get away with such bull****, my mate also got caught as he was ahead of me doing 53 (he was in a hurry, i wasn't), he took it to court and showed them the facts and got a 800 fine and six points for his trouble.
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        A mate of mine got done in a tunnel with a speed camera. They have a electronic speed sign right where the camera is. Note there is also a bend in the tunnel where the comera is. It is normally 80km/h, but due to work at the other end of the tunnel, then speed zone at the point right where the camera was, was changed to 40km/h. So he got to the sign with the camera doing 80 and all of a sudden the zone changes to 40. He goes through there doing about 65 and gets booked. He was slowing down. Thing was that he wasn't the only one to get done. The police cancelled everyones tickets if they wrote a letter explaining what had happened and that there wasn't enough warning to slow down to the required speed. He got off.
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          have you tried asking at

          Their forums are a useful place to ask stuff like that


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            Thanks for the support and advice guys. Ill talk to someone about it.

            What I did was wrong and I admit to it...what I hate about it is they are not giving me a fixed penalty and get it and over done with. Bastard obviously want more money and is taking it as a very serious offence...heck as if I was driving drunk, going 70mph and killed a bunch of school kids.

            I was talking to a friend about it. He was telling me about a speedcam placed next to that bridge. It was set to catch at over 20mph...and guess what the cam was pointed to the 30mph limit section of the road. Thousands of motorist got fined until one taxi driver noticed this.

            Funny though the letter say something like "this is not a money generating cam, we dont get anything for this." Yeah the operation is managed by a private company...BS


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              Remember the one about the transplant delivery guy who was rushing a heart to a patient to give the surgeons as much time as possible (with the blue light they give him to aid driving fast safely) yet they caught him speeding and banned him so he faced losing his job! ****ers.

              As for what to do abotu this situation I can't offer any help. You could point out that you have a clean license for 15 years and the signs were unclear and you had to accelrate from 30mph (what you believed was the limit) to pass the lorry safely due to oncoming traffic and people behind you.


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                Also try as there are police and magistrates on there who will give you good advice...
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                  Thanks for the support guys.

                  Update >>>

                  The results is a 60 fine + 3 speeding points on my license.

                  Big deal as this is the normal penalty anyway. I could never understand why they have to issue a court summon, what a waste of time. Its october now and the offence was done back in may 2005, I could have paid that on the day and get it all over and done with.

                  Really make you wonder why they like to waste time.


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                    Look at where the crooks placed their cams...its pointing before the 20mph sign.
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                      When you've done nothing morally wrong it hurts to be penalised.
                      Pepipoo has lots of useful advice to others still in the process, they gave me the tools to overturn a photo last year.
                      The only place I believe in a 20mph (without any other knowledge) is outside schools.


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                        Looking at the camera in your photo, it appears to be one that works out your speed over the distance traveled and time taken to do so. Therefore you would have been doing on average 36mph from the first camera to the second one. Even still its cheeky that it takes your pic before you reach the 20mph zone


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                          Originally posted by shadowice
                          Looking at the camera in your photo, it appears to be one that works out your speed over the distance traveled and time taken to do so. Therefore you would have been doing on average 36mph from the first camera to the second one. Even still its cheeky that it takes your pic before you reach the 20mph zone
                          If it is the type of cameras you say it is, then there might have been 20 MPH speed signs earlier, before the first set of cameras (in fact there would have to be for it to be legal for doing you for over 20mph, however if they did you for over 30mph then they just need 30 mph signs earlier)


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                            those cameras are specs cameras.

                            They are the ones that time you between cameras so there is most likely another set up the road and they are monitoring the road before the 20mph zone.

                            Or there could be another set at the end of the 20mph zone and they are monitring that. That is slightly dodgy as you could still be doing 30mph as you pass the camera and your speed would be slowing to 20mph before you get to the 20mph sign. But they could have allowed for that. But that is unlikely to stand up in court as it is not exact.

                            But those cameras do not measure speed themselves. They need to come in pairs.