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1993 VW Golf GL 5spd Hatchback

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  • 1993 VW Golf GL 5spd Hatchback

    i'm about to get myself a 1993 VW Golf GL 5spd Hatchback, the guy told me over the phone that: "The cars timing belt tensioner broke so the car does not run, it did run excellent prior to it breaking. The 1.8L is not an interference engine so once a new belt is put on it should fire right up."

    i asked a friend how much would it cost me to have it fixed, he told me that it would be $350-400 and that i must go to a VW dealership to repair it.

    the car itself is $1000 and from the picture that the seller send me the body has no dent and the interior is nice. i really need this car since some f##k hit my current ride while it was parked and some of the links hat hold the front wheel are cracked. i don't really want to spend that kind of money on this car and i wanted to know if you guys think that it's a good deal...?
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    no. you would have to change your name.

    id tell the guy that he needs to go get it fixed and then you will pay him 1500 for it. Ya didnt give us much information to give ya a good idea on how great of a deal it is. If people want to sell you something that dont run. It prob wont run or they would have fixed it. Unless they have a good excuse. You really need to go look at it and speak to him in person to know.
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      <===learn from this guy's mistakes

      Until about 2 weeks ago, I had 3 cars worth a grand total of, oh, maybe $4000. 2 of them needed SERIOUS work done. I'm talking $2000 to get one of them to pass emissions, and I only paid $950 for it.

      Walk away. Don't get caught up in "I need this car" because it will bite you in the ***.

      This is how I wound up with 3 cars. Took me 6 months to sell the one that needed the emissions work, and there's about a snowball's chance of me selling the other one because in addition to needing some drivetrain work, on a good day this kind of vehicle gets about 8mpg--and that's one that doesnt have anything wrong with it!
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        i'd only buy a car that i could hear the engine on.. get him to fix it mate.