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Dos program in WinXP

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  • Dos program in WinXP

    Need some help with running a dos program on the carpc running XP. Although this is in the off topic section it is related. Ths software is for programming the timing and fuel injection maps etc. I would like to be able to modify the ECU program from the carpc. The trouble is that this software only runs in dos and it accesses the ECU on the printer port (it also has a dongle ). From trying to run this program on my desktop, It comes up with an error because windows won't let the program access the printer port and will therefore not run. Is there anyway to get around this? Any possible solutions will be helpful.

    I will eventually rewrite the code to make it run on XP and give it a nicer interface, but at this stage the dos program is all I have.
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    would somehting like this be helpful?
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      you may have to try "DOSBox"

      I dont think it has printing in it now - but I have herd
      someone put printing in it

      here is a link
      but some thing tell me its not going to work


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        Thanks. will have a look...
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