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  • Green Street (hooligans)

    Green Street in the UK and Green Street hooligans in the USA.

    Here's my review

    Okie cokey, just got done watching, time for a little review eh?

    Firstly I agree with most, it's not a fantastic film by any means, and it's ******* MILES from what footy hooligans are all about but it was pretty good nonetheless.

    First and foremost alot of it was just totally unbelievable,even though I used to come from London I grimaced a **** load of times and tbh at points I almost reached for the eject button.

    Some parts were just so ******* DUMB that I had trouble keeping my dinner down.

    Namely - Dont you just ******* HATE the way londoners are portrayed to Americans? I mean, one minute they think we all wear aaron wool jumpers and say "what oh" and the next Ill probably be getting bad stares when I open my mouth in restraunts "gee look at that 'football' hooligan go !"

    What hasnt been pointed out in this movie is just what a cultural place London is, and how many different Accents, styles, and kinds of people London holds.

    Now in the USA all londoners will be labelled as football hooligans, great (Im not being biased, it's kinda like how we brits make fun of people from LA "hey man bust a cap in his ***")...

    So the story sucked, the acting? well that was pretty good tbh, though tbh for any male with testosterone that's not hard is it? get him riled up and he can shout and scream with the best of them, but through all of that you actually did get to know the characters and their mannerisms, even though they were made out to be aload of mindless ******* idiots.

    After a pretty hit and miss movie (ill mention what I loved and hated below) I was expecting a real dumb**** ending.. but, I was really pleasantly suprised when the ending was actually ******* good (plus Im a morbid ****, and that wanker sniffing charlie really needed putting in his place by the 'harvard kid'.)

    The good -

    GREAT ******* violent action.. this has to be one of THE most violent movies I have EVER seen.
    It even makes things like goodfellas seem tame, it really has to be seen to be believed, and, it's not all over the top (IE when someone is on the floor getting their face smashed in you dont hear POOK ! PICK ! like those dumb ******* yank movies.)

    What you do hear are the sounds of breaking jaws, and sickening fistly thuds.. quite frankly superb

    It was really nice to see some of the 'real' parts of london again and not just yuppy st (E5)

    Actually seeing some corrugated iron fences and barbed wire (and even a couple of ****ty cafes and pubs) really made me feel 'at home' as it were.

    The actors were all new kids on the block but did a very good job, the cast felt very similar to the cast of Quadrophenia, very 'real' and 'live', which is not the norm in movies these days...

    The soundtrack was ******* SUBLIME.
    They picked out IMHO the very best of the Stone Roses (shes a waterfall) and a couple of other brilliant works by the 'roses, the soundtrack was really REALLY good (did I say that already? **** it, one more time the soundtrack ruled).

    The Bad -

    First off the British were made out to be aload of animals, and on the flipside the yanks were made out to be aload of ****s.

    Seriously, Ive never seen such whimpy wanky yanks in all my life, again it even made me ******* grimace.

    The story was plain ******* stupid in parts, how the **** would a wife, even an american, leave the country whilst her husband whom she shares a child with lies in intensive care after being bottled in the throat without getting the full story and finding out he was attempting to help her brother?

    Even yanks aint that ******* shallow rofl..

    The violence - bad and good? how the **** can that be?

    Well, it was pretty damn gratuitous and at times I even felt a little woosy.

    Not that Im a pussy, far from it, but when youre fighting you dont really notice how nasty things can get..

    Watching it from afar is pretty sickening, and this movie is as violent as it gets (see above in good parts).

    I just hope the yanks dont see it and think were the bunch of animals were portrayed to be, although **** em, let them see that it's not all tea and ******* crumpets for once, eh?

    The Ugly - the english arent that violent, the yanks arent that gay or ******* stupid and you would never let someone **** you out of harvard and walk away like a complete ******* DONUT only to become a football hooligan.

    It really is the most unusual, enlightening, wonderful, fist crunching pile of crap youll ever see, but whatever you do make sure you watch it because I ******* ASSURE you, you have never seen anything quite like it !


    btw the chelsea smile was never done with a credit card it was done with a razor blade out of one of those old fashioned razors.

    so there
    So guys, do you think this will help me score with chicks?

    "If you give this man a ride sweet families will die, KILLER on the road"