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  • Help me find this song!

    Hey guys, I was in Armenia over the summer and while flipping channels, I heard a very interesting song.

    It was the English version of the hit Alabina song. It was sang by a woman sounding just like Nelly Furtado. To give you an idea, the background music sounds like an arabic/moroccan theme.

    The song was played to a highlight reel of high-action soccer clips. When I got back to the states, I searched the internet for a song like this and came up with nothing. Nelly Furtado's Quando, Quando, Quando wasn't it.

    Anyways, hopefully someone here knows it.


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    None of the audio files from that site seen to work for me.

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      Originally posted by thanatos106
      None of the audio files from that site seen to work for me.

      That's because they use RealAudio for some ungodly reason.
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        I dunno man, just throwing this out there. Alabina's lead Ishtar is now solo, and recording in English. Could it have been her?

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