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itunes music store and u2 ipod and voucher...

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  • itunes music store and u2 ipod and voucher...

    Heres my rant for the day...

    Theres me in the mall looking at ipods, I choose the U2 one,
    a) its the nicest looking of the bunch
    b) it comes with the U2 albums

    Well I get it home
    fire it up and find out the U2 albums are a voucher and only 50euros off the price but thats ok, the ipod is awesome, instant apple fan here ! but the damn itunes store wont let me in as my country doesnt support itunes takes my paypal but it wont let me download the u2 albums or anything else for that matter.

    So I ask all of you if you have any ideas how to get around this ?
    I have an idea that I could PM a kind soul with the itunes voucher code and then paypal the difference if someone could download the u2 albums for me, please ! I dont see this as any form of piracy at all, I paid for the U2 ipod from the apple store and they didnt advise me that its pointless as itunes doesnt work from my home country !
    and then my next question, would this actually work ? or would the files be too large ? encrypted to only the downloading pc ?
    or could I "borrow" someones itunes login ? to download the u2 stuff ?
    Help !!!!
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    The tunes would be encrypted to the PC that downloaded them.

    The only way around this is to have someone download the tunes, rip them to CD, send you the CD's and the you import them as mp3's. It's enough to make an honest customer go ballistic.

    I would never advise anyone to use a peer to peer network to illegally download music because it's illegal and unethical but your situation sure does present an interesting question. "If one has actually paid for the music and not received the product, is it actually wrong to download it via a file sharing network?"

    Presuming you lived in a country where the download could take place via iTunes store, there would be no issue. In this narrow case, I'd find it difficult to see where harm is inflicted upon the artist or the record company.

    But just so we're clear, that would be illegal. So I'm not advising the you do it.
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