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Car Remote Start?

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  • Car Remote Start?

    For some reason my remote start on my car works half ***! This started about 2 weeks ago. IT was working fine for about a year and a half but liek 2 weeks ago when i go to remote start it you hear it try and start but then fails. But it tries to start it again after like 15 seconds and it then start the car and works. Anyone know what the problem can be? I have a VIPER 791XV
    2002 Mitsubishi Galant
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    Check the cables. Makesure you're bypassing any transponder or PAL or anything systems correctly still.

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      Did you change the car battery? Maybe the programming was lost, like timing stuff.


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        I have that problem during cold weather - the engine needs to crank longer when it's cold. The alarm doesn't know this, apparently.

        So if I get it adjusted to crank longer, will it crank longer all the time and possibly destroy my starter?
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          could also be that it has nothing to do with the alarm.... the car could need a tune-up, or have some other deficiency that's causing it to be harder to start... has the car ever started & died with the key???
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