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Help from internet savvy people: October 30 "Meet the Press"

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  • Help from internet savvy people: October 30 "Meet the Press"

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a video of the October 30, 2005 "Meet the Press." I have searched online pretty extensivly, and found a transcript of said show, the podcast of the most recent show, and clips of the show in question, but they leave out the section I need to track down. I searched limewire and a few torrent sites, though I don't usually use torrent so I don't know if I used the best engines.

    Can anyone help me out here? Anybody happen to PVR it and still have it?!? Any ideas how to get this video? I don't even mind paying (reasonably) for it, but I do need to find it.

    What thinks you?
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  • #2 is the best overall torrent search engine IMO. is the best for TV shows IMO. Doesn't look like your show is found on either of those.

    You can likely call the channel that aired it and get a copy on tape (though they usualy charge a ton)..

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      sorry i deleted my other post because im a total tard. I thought something else. Well anyways. Maybe some newsgroups might have it. Try xnews
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