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gawd dammit.. PLEASE help me :(

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  • gawd dammit.. PLEASE help me :(

    got a newer car.. 1998 hyundai tiburon/coupe.

    It hadnt been used in eons and I fixed all the mechanics and brakes.

    Now Im faced with a real ****er of a problem.

    I was faffing about with it earlier and I think I knocked the valet switch for the alarm.. and now, the car is demobilised and no matter how much I try I cant get the alarm to cooperate.

    Does anyone know what alarm this is specifically? because I know for damn sure it's a clifford as it does the "woop boop bip boop boop" and locked me in the car and went into spastic mode lol.

    It's a 2 button remote, I know Ive seen a clifford one identical to it before way back when I worked in car audio.

    Concept 40? 50? eagle 2?

    Can someone please identify this alarm so I can look for the manual.

    BTW, it's a hyundai alarm, however, it's for sure a rebadged clifford as the remote and siren are clifford.. plus, it makes all the sounds of a clifford... (as well as the "woop boop etc" when you thump the car.

    Thanks alot, in advance.. please help it's bloody freezing outside
    So guys, do you think this will help me score with chicks?

    "If you give this man a ride sweet families will die, KILLER on the road"

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    are you stuck in the caR? lol


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      try this on the remote ... left button = 1 , right button = 2

      1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1

      i had an oldschool clifford setup and that was used to enable/disable the entire alarm system. When disabled, it just functioned as an unlock/lock system. doubt it will work but doesn't hurt to try.
      [ 5-spd 1996 M A X i M A SE ]


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        yeah I was stuck in the car... the auto arm function was on and it locked me in and went ballistic

        I've now identified the alarm.. its a hyundai on the outside but what would you know, it's a clifford arrow II on the inside.

        I ferkin knew I remembered those chirp sounds.

        Anyhoo, got the manual for the arrow 2 and managed to get the bastard back into valet mode... I then cleared all the programmed channels for the remotes and reprogrammed the remote back into channel one.

        And what wouldja know the alarm works *perfectly*

        My cousin was the sort of original owner of this motor and the alarm was switched off all the time he owned it.. upon further inspection I noted a serious ghetto set of amp power cables.. Ill have a bet that whoever fitted those triggered the alarm panic when he disconned the battery and never EVER got the alarm working again.

        LMAO, well nice when you have a result..

        Talkin of results, 98 tiburon/coupe FX 2l DOHC auto with 80k.... $900 LMFAO
        So guys, do you think this will help me score with chicks?

        "If you give this man a ride sweet families will die, KILLER on the road"