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Laptop Dying?

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  • Laptop Dying?

    My Wife's laptop (HP) just froze up and resarted on her while she was playing one of her explode the furball games. She tried to restrt, but wouldn't even boot into safe mode. We turned it off for a couple hours to cool down, b/c it was warm to the touch. When I turned it back on, it booted all the way to the desktop after I told it to resart to windows. Then, I clicked on the start button, and it froze up for about 1 minute, then I got the Blue screen of death.

    Anyone ever have a problem like this before?

    I need some help. Never messed around with laptops at all, and am a novice with destops.



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    Something isn't working. Sounds like hardware failure on some level. Quite possible RAM.
    I'd contact HP support, as they'd know far better than any of us.

    Which makes me wonder... Why would you ask a group of mobile computing hobbyists rather than the manufacturer?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      With the symptoms that you stated it could be almost anything. Could be that it got too warm (are any of the cooling cutouts covered?) or Hard Drive, Memory, CPU, etc. From what you posted it could be any of the above or even motherboard problem.

      To make a long story short DarquePervert is right. Contact Tech support (HP) or take it into the shop. Its almost impossible to troubleshoot a problem like this over the net/phone (there are just too many variables).
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