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  • Body-kits / styling from Poland


    I am wondering if someone can help me to find some companys in Poland that have body kits, or bumpers etc I can buy?

    I know of one place, but it does not fullfill all my needs. it is:

    The thing is, I live in Norway, and the prices here are sky high for styling parts for my car, Ford Escort MK7. Then I have now been offered from someone I know to get a free bodykit from him, as long as it is from Poland.

    I have found what I want to have, but I'm not so very picky. I will attache a couple of images, and I am wondering if someone can find the same, or similar front and rear bumpers for me in polish shops (e-stores or normal stores with websites are ok.)? And if you just know of a place, but they do not have that exact kit, please post it anyways.

    Thank you all very much.

    rear bumper I want, or as similar as possible.

    Front bumper I want, or as similar as possible.

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    ewww. they are just nasty.


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      seconded, they are awful - The UK CarPC Forum


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        ricetastic... for an escort??? definitly rice
        Kimi ga kawareba, Seikaimo kawaru!


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          IT AIN'T SO BAD... lol good luck on your Quest


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            Thank you very much, at least for the positive response.
            Well, I have now surfed the web up and down so very much, and the only palce I can find is the one I provided earlier. I will try and make my order from there then. I really hope they are able to get the parts in stock before 2nd. of January, because that is the last day possible for me to get the kit transported home for free, before nearly march. And I don't want to wait so long.

            I am really looking forward to it. All I need now is to order a hood scoop, evo style. Then all the outside styling is beginning to be good. (In august i'll try to get some new rims and LSD doors from poland asweel, that time I will drive down myself...

            (oh, and yeah! There will be a carputer in there along with a moddex xbox. And it'll have 5 lcd screens when its finished ) So you have something too look for the next 3-4 months.. Alot of work will be done.


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              Right! We have in my oppinion, too much snow... Anyone want some?

              Edit: With alot of help from DarasBB on these forums (Thank you! ) I now know that this kit is possible to get from Lublin in Poland. No internet shop or telephone number etc yet, but I'll hope I'll get it asap. I am so excited!