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best drink driving campaign pics

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  • best drink driving campaign pics

    If this dont make ppl think........

    happy new year.

    (more than she will have)
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    arrive alive, don't drink and drive
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      True story

      This story is true, it happened here in Austin, Texas. More links:

      Everyone be careful and come back to in 2006!




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        It's sad that there are people out there who actually need to see something as wrenching as this to make them not want to get behind the wheel while impaired.
        Frankly, if you drive impaired, you deserve whatever happens to you, whether it's a hoprrible death, the guilt from someone else's horrible death or disfigurement or the beatdown from a ****ed-off cop.
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          Why did you post this...?
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            Originally posted by Cris
            Why did you post this...?
            New years.
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              those pics made me sad
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                On that note, everyone, please don't drive TIRED either. My fraternity lost a brother a few days ago, on the morning of Dec 26. It is thought that he stayed up all night and fell asleep at the wheel, and then his car then hit a tree. He was 18. I didn't know him personally because I graduated in May and he pledged this past fall, but it's still a sad time.

                Pudge is right, this isn't a happy topic, but it might make someone think twice about driving dangerously and if I can potentially save a life by posting on a web forum, I will.
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                  I post on a local uk group aswell, its for modded cars not car pc's, but 2 lads on their just had a crash and one died from a lower balljoint that snapped, car went off road into fields/tree etc.

                  This was after it just left a garage where they where told its worn but has a few hundred miles left etc.

                  Its common sense not to drive drunk / drugged or tired, but you also need to look after you brakes and steering, you can just as easily wipe someone out or yourself from such things.
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                    That is really sad

                    In Australia they have very hard hitting ads the actually show guys getting drunk then driving then u see them hit the person head on and them laying there dead altho its special affects it is very real and very hard hitting to someone who watches.

                    Guess like the website above shocking someone to what does happen is a good way to go about it.
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