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  • Hmm.. Erm? mmm.. erm?

    Whacked out thread title I know, I know.

    But I'm going friggin insane over a decision I'm going to have to live with for a long time, and, to reverse it once done would be a sodding nightmare.

    Since parting with the Granny Killer (tm) for reasons Ill explain later * and so on.. I am now toying with how I want my Tiburon (project name unknown) to look.

    I have settled with 2 ideas in my mind ,and am having a terrible time trying to decide on which I want to go with.

    Now, the Granny Killer was a subtle animal, black to red pearl and plain everything.. the Tib? well that's a canvas.

    The ideas I have are as follows..

    Idea 1 : The Ed Roth Ratfink and Indian Larry tribute (if you dont know who indian larry is/was then skip to idea 2 and say "I dont know".

    White basecoat (flatten the existing hyundai paint) then blast the son***** with blue HOK (HOK = house of kolor the only choice in automotive art) and then add faux goldleaf vinyls down the side of the car and some ratfink vinyl..

    Then clear the whole car and replace all the std tib badges with the gold tuscani ones.

    Idea 2 : The Pacman "catch me if you can" design.

    White basecoat (again the tibs paint is perfect so Ill simply flatten it using 800 grade and then use that as my canvas) and then blue to orange, or orange to red kameleon pearls (again HOK)

    Then, as a side base vinyl use black circular dots the same as the pacman maze and have pacman chasing ghosts down the side of the car.

    Then on the tailgate a vinyl of Blinky the ghost with a speech bubble saying "catch me if you can" and on the hood maybe ms pacman.

    Then of course the obligatory clear over the lot to protect it.

    * The granny killer suffered an untimely death when all the power I managed to crank out of it made it irresistable to drive like a complete loony.

    Unfortunately I completely forgot to uprate the wheel bearings and driveshafts and the car's enormous weight took it's toll when cornering really hard...

    So it needed work and I wasnt willing to do anymore on it.

    My father in law has taken ownership of it for a modest sum of cash.

    Thanks, thanks for reading and I look forward to your opinions
    So guys, do you think this will help me score with chicks?

    "If you give this man a ride sweet families will die, KILLER on the road"

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    Pacman all the way.

    Originally posted by Tidder
    Hey, as long as it's not any particular race I'm offending, I can stand to be a pedophile.
    All information expressed in this post is my opinion, and should not be regarded as a statement of fact.
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      I think either way you're going to get laughed at a lot.
      If you're going to use gold leaf for idea #1, the vinyl idea will look cheap and not a fitting tribute to either Ed Roth or Indian Larry in my opinion.
      Go for the real thing.

      The Pacman design sounds cool ina geeky cartoony sort of way, but the blue/orange sounds hideous in my opinion. I saw the PMR where they did orange/blue two-tone and it looked like two kids puked up different jello flavors on the car.
      If you're going to do the Pacman theme, black with blue pinstriping that follows the theme of the original PacMan mazes would look better. You could do it more subtle so your entire car isn't painted like a PacMan screen...
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        somehow i had a bad feeling about the granny killer all along the way...


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          PAC-MAN, but you would hav to go the whole way to do it justice. IE as DP said blue maze on black, with the yellow dots.

          The wheels could be the 4 Power pills (nice big yellow alloys )

          The roof the Ghost Pit

          and the doors the side exits.

          We wants PICS.


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            Except that the dots should be white, like the original PacMan.
            GO AUTHENTIC, not cheezy remake.
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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              Firstly the kameleon is a shade shifter so shouldnt look like anyones puked on it

              I have used it before in a test on some license plate surrounds and its amazing.

              Painting the car black isnt an option for a couple of reasons.. reason one it gets too hot here for me to want a black car and reason two quite simply I dont like black and dont want to totally repaint the car.

              Thus, going with the FX coat saves me loads of cash and hard work, white and black are 2 colors reccomended for base for kameleon.

              I was thinking dots with a power pill each side.. painting the rims Im not so happy about as I intended to polish them.

              I dunno, once the kameleon is down (soon) then Ill evaluate the situ and decide on the graphics, good news is I have found someone who prints pacman sideart and hes very reasonable, so also experienced in what I want

              This is what I intend to use as the 2 main characters chasing down the car
              Attached Files
              So guys, do you think this will help me score with chicks?

              "If you give this man a ride sweet families will die, KILLER on the road"



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                i would like the original sircle and blochy ghots much better... More retro, but it's your car, so you decide


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                  Originally posted by Enforcer
                  BoyNextDoor means these:
                  Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                  How about the Wiki?

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                    Originally posted by DarquePervert
                    BoyNextDoor means these:

                    I know that.

                    it was more the spelling of the words.

                    and yes, I know English is not his first language, but I know his English is a lot better than that.


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                      What you don't know is that i'm sometimes slopy **** happens to the best of us...


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                        Let the guy be a lazy typist, man. We know he's no n00b.

                        But I gotta agree with him. The original in-game characters would look a lot cooler than the cartoony images posted above...

                        Think about this...

                        The car all black with some simple blue pinstripe running along the bottom edge of the car to create the 'maze' (even though it's merely a straight line) filled with white dots, PacMan coming at them followed by a ghost or three...

                        That would look pretty geeky-sweet.
                        And a license plate that says WAKKA (or something similar).
                        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                        How about the Wiki?

                        Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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                          i Agree with Darque, cartoon Pac will look stupid, and the faux goldleaf will look just plain hidious. Real goldleaf will seal the deal if you are doing a tribute ride as you mention, but an AMERICAN car as a base for your ideas would be more suiting to a tribute to Roth and Larry.
                          The Pac-Man **** would be fine if you are a clown for hire and entertain children at birthday parties. Other than that, you might be setting yourself up for a lot of you.
                          Just my opinion. It's your car, **** it up however the hell you want to. Please don't post pics when completed. Thanks!


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                            Those graphics you posted truly look like crap. Difficult to recognize, and did I mention that they look like crap. You'll have most people going "wtf is with the yellow guy on that car."

                            PacMan is a pie with a slice missing. Don't change that.

                            The idea posted above to keep the sides clean and black, with dark blue striping is good. Clean, clean. Clean.

                            The roof is a great canvas to paint whatever you can imagine.. a full image of a pacman game would look pretty sweet on there, centered in black, and would be a pretty subtle touch, since its not as easy to see the roof.

                            In all honesty, though, as original as the idea is, if it isn't executed just right, I don't think it'll look very good at all.


                            Thats just my opinion, of course.