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XP Media Center on a mini-ITX?

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  • XP Media Center on a mini-ITX?

    Anyone done it? Curious as to whether it would run or not. I have an extra m10000 sitting here on my desk and I figured it would be cool to try...


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    one thing is windows media center needs a good video card supporting
    dx9 - another it needs a good CPU - it can be run on a P3, I put it on my laptop - but it wont work with my video card, at any rate you need lots of
    CPU power - the more the better

    - I tried in my desktop - and it had a few problems with my
    geforce 4, it needs like a ATI Radeon 9600 or GeForce FX 5200
    or higher - and 64mb or more of memory on the video card

    On a different note - just a gripe by me

    lets say you watch regular TV channels from the antenna but also
    watch digital cable or Satellite - you have to chose - when you set up
    media center you have to select only one video input - and cant switch
    - its ether the TV tuner - or the video inputs - but not both

    they did make one from VIA Mini-ITX M10000 Motherboard

    but it dont use Windows media center

    have a look over here - ONEbox Media Center PC

    and here Niveus Media’s ONEbox Media Center

    and I found one that does The T2.e/MCE2005
    Its got a nVidia FX5200 128MB video card and a VIA M2 1.2GHz cpu
    may be using different motherboard - but its a VIA mini-itx

    and you need a tv capture card that works with media center
    WinTv PVR150 MCE or some thing with a ATI Theater 550Pro chip
    there are more out there - but this is the most common 2

    both of the cards work with SnapStream software, SageTV, GB-PVR
    ect ect


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      i want to try this now...

      I guess the general consensus is that I need a new video card?


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        But yea get a good video card - it may help to off set CPU
        usage - and you need help with the via

        but what ever you do - make sure the hardware you get
        is supported by a few different PVR programs - because
        you may change your mind about Media Center after you
        use it for some time

        Another strange thing about media center - is its just windows xp -

        you get 2 cds - one is windows xp, just plain old xp, the second
        cd is just the added files for media center, and Tablet PC Edition,
        and when you install, it will only ask for the second cd if you enter a
        Media Center or Tablet PC Edition key,

        A few years back I saw a rip of the media center files and a installer
        to integrate them into a pre installed regular XP system -

        that would be illegal - but if you own media center - I dont see the
        problem - Microsoft should have offered it has a upgrade anyway

        If you dont own it - you might be able to get a OEM cheap
        - I just looked at newegg - OEM Media Center 2005 is $130
        might be able to get cheaper at ebay


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          check ms compatabiliy chart.... do a google for "media center compatability"..... you have to use a video card from the list... if you did a tv tuner it would have to be from the list too... check it...
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            Im pretty sure all you need to have is a fast processor and at least a 128mb video card. I had a NVidia 5400 128mb card in a 2400+ sempron computer with 512 mb of ram and it worked fine. Now I have my Toshiba Satellite running it fine. The specs are Celeron M 1.5ghz, 512mb ram and a 128mb Mobile Intel 915GM and it does take about 15 seconds to start up but it runs perfect besides that. I also know that if you needed to you can add buttons to the start menu for external programs like a gps program or an external browser. Im going to use it when i get my car pc installed