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Min Requirements for a web cam

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  • Min Requirements for a web cam

    Hi all I'm trying to hook up a web cam on a p133 machine, the usb works fine ,but when I run the web cam software (and I've tried many) I get thi error.

    A fatal exception 06 has accured at 0028:FF0614D in VXD OMCAMVID (01) + 00014D96

    I think its the web cam driver as it happens with any web cam software.
    Has anyone a soltion?

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    remove it from hardware devices then unplug it reboot and plug it back in then make sure it loads correct drivers and nto ones of windows cd if it is on your hdd or if it gets it from windows/system

    make sure you have updated drivers for your motherboard too and usb filter driver if there is on for your m/b

    also try it in another usb port if all else fails (but u probably allready tried this)


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      What OS?


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        Update the camera driver and update your motherboard's USB driver.
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          Thanks for the suggestions I've trying these at the moment. But with no luck, apart from the usb filter driver is that a microsoft driver or unique to the web cam.
          BTW its win98 Second edition if that makes a differance


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            Hate to say this, but re install windows? Seems to be the miracle worker for me.


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              Is there an app I can see the webcam in full screen? i have a logitech homecam or something like that....
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                Hi moahdib, don't know if this is what your looking for but webcam32 offers 640 x 400 and maybe more not really shore but I noticed it while trying to sort out my problem. Anyone any ideas on that one, my next guess is trying bios updates

                BTW have noticed spec requirement of 486 with 16meg of ram ????? anyone know of a webcam running on a system of this spec?