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my computer keeps turning on by itself?

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  • my computer keeps turning on by itself?

    i'm not sure what's happening but my computer keeps turning on by itself.

    i already checked the bios, and it is not setup to turn on by itself.

    my friend says it might be a short circuit on the motherboard. that doesn't sound right though.

    i figure u guys might know this one.

    thanx for all the help.

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    My desk top has did that liek 3 times seen i have had it.... just up and shut off..... but hell its a gateway so ya knwo how that is. but it has not done it for months i took it complety apart an put it back together works fine. maybe it was jsut mine hell i dont know try it


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      I don't know, but my microwave tuns on by itself sometimes! I just have to keep it unplugged!


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        it could be set to Wake On Lan, or Wake on Interupt, or maybe Wake on Ring. Try looking at that.
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          i aready checked those. i'm not really sure what's going on.

          thanx for the replys.


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            its gremlins

            you know, the enemies in your computer that magically have 0 ping when playing online games? those guys.
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                I had this problem when I first shoved my pc in my car. The power (ATX) switch wires were picking up the digital noise from my mobile phone logging on and off cells, and this would kill it every time. I have also had this happen on my home machine if my phone is too close to my PC. The switch wires pick up the digital spikes from the phone. I shielded my power switch wires and all os good

                Not just phones do it though, anything that belts out a good dose of EMF will do it. Remember the front of your PC isn't shielded..... well most aren't, it's just plastic.

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                  See if you have clean 12v power to start with
                  and keep ALL power lines away from the audio and video.
                  ALL power shuld be on one side of your car ONLY.And all audio and video/data on the other side.


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                    i don't have a problem with the computer in my car.

                    it's the one in my house that keeps turning on by itself.

                    thanx for all the replies.


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                      I had the same problem in my house pc too. When you shut-down it just turns right back on (key = monitor). I only have this problem with Windows 2000 though. All other operating systems work fine. Also, if i leave my monitor on - it wont turn back on. Its a ghost I tell you. I did get it to stay off for 8 hours, but then i went to bush my teeth in the morning it turned back on. What the hell?

                      SOLVED!!! = Actually, its a power problem. You probably have too many devices hooked up to your surge protector or something like that. Thus, some little power disruptance causes you computer to turn on for some reason. When i went to brush my teeth, i turn on the light which is on the same circuit as my PC - thus it turned on. To solve this I unplugged a few major devices and have no problems now. The only reason as why this happens only windows 2000 (that i could think of) is because I have to manually shut my PC down (hold down for 5 secs) if you have to shut your computer down this way in any operating system, you could have the same problem. Just move some of your devices to another power source preferably that isnt on the same circuit.
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                        i'll try that.