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Funny Thing... I was ordering a USB sound card when...

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  • Funny Thing... I was ordering a USB sound card when...

    OKay, I ordered a USB sound card and a heat sink. I waited and waited, and yesterday I got the package. It was a huge box, like a monitor box. I was like, "That doesn't seem right, how big can a heat sink and a USB device be?" So I try to pick it up. it was heavy. HEAVY. I was like, "That doesn't seem right, how heavy can a heat sink and a USB device be?" so I brought it to my room and opened it up and saw 15 boxes. I was like, "That doesn't weem right, how can a heat sink and a USB device be in 15 separate boxes?"

    So I read their labels. There were 15 CCD cameras in that box.Quite an investment eh? 40 dollars for heat sink, USB device, and shipping, and I get this huge box of industrial security cameras that can range from 80 dollars to 200 dollars each. (Of course I didn't open them to see which model they were). Somewhere in the world, there is a bank that is not quite that secure hehehehe.
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    I'm sure it will get figured out. Make sure you hold on to the cameras and call the company you bought the card from.


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      Actually I called the place just before I posted that message
      I'm sure as Heaven not going to keep a $1000-2000 package of CCD cameras. Some bank or "voyeur" porn-web house or high-falutin' business building somewhere has a security division that is royally POed and WILL report that they recieved the wrong package.

      Besides, that USB Sound device and heatsink is for my carputer! I WANT MY CARPUTER... NOT A BUNCH OF SECURITY CAMERAS.
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        You called the company??? Bummer - I would have bought all 15 from you... At a discount, of course

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          That's rediculous. They should award you or something.
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            Or you could have a really highly, monitored, secured car. =)
            One camera per seat, one per side mirror, one for rear view, one for roof left, roof right, roof front... underbody.. engine... trunk.. hehe
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              hehe... I wish there was a reward. But can't exactly ask for one. :-( Some guys came in and out watching me stack these things in a pile for a photo, and he was like, "If you ever get a box of 15 corvettes or blonde bimbos, call me, I have some money."
              The lasy at customer service sounded kinda like an uptight kinda late-middle-age person... she just kept trying to talk faster and faster to get me to get that item returned. heh. Bad customer service. I give them a "B" for "Bad attitude".
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                What would have been really funny is if you recieved a box of sex-toys and Rubbers from some Porn house. That would be hilarious.
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                  I would have kept the cameras....

                  speaking of witch, where did you order the stuff, I bet they have a good deal on cameras.

                  I dont think banks make a lot of money on security devices ( just keep the money they have

                  Porn sites make a ton of money though
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                    well the cheapest security camera that is cased up and with a power supply from them is 80 bucks. I don't know if they (the ones I had) were color or B&W.

                    the place I ordered the USB and HeatSink from is
                    Free entrance to heaven? WOW! I DUN BELIEVE! JC!


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                      I would have taken a few off your hands for the right price... Oh well, I guess it is better to be honest. You sould really get some sort of reward. Image the amount of money you just saved this comany.


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                        amount of money saved for the company ? pshhh "its a write-off"

                        seriously, any loss like that, and the company writes it off on their taxes... they dont lose crap.... should have kept the damn cameras.... you could have sold them and paid off ur carPC (and get some extra $$)


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                          Do you people not read dates ?
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