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Building a Touch Screen Remote

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  • Building a Touch Screen Remote

    Surprisingly, I can't find any information on building your own Touchscreen remote for home theater applications. I was hoping someone here could direct me to some guides, or perhaps some cheap ultra small form factor motherboards that are really low profile, support x86 processors, and are at least 400MHz with CompactFlash support. I've been looking at MiniITX, but they seem to be to tall (deep). PC/104 seems to be more in line with my goals, but I can't find many places that actually give prices and buying information, and the ones that do are pretty expensive.

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    You could, in theory, have a small crappy PC somewhere in teh woorm where you intended on using the thing and have a small touchscreen monitor linked to it by some kind of wireless video card. Then you could have the PC under the coffee table with an infered eye aimed at the TV.

    Of course I don't know where to even begin looking for a wireless video card that's small enough to not be combersome when combined with say a 5 inch touchscreen, but I'm sure something it out there somewhere if you're willing to spend enough.
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      No, no, wrong idea. I want to build a touchscreen remote control. Not a PC with a remote screen, just a flat panel PC. Like this or the Table Top Thin Flat Panel Computer. Thought I described it clearly enough.


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        pda best options?? other then taht those things are huge for a "remote"
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          I'd say a tablet or PDA are your best options. You can use wifi or Ir. You can get em fairly cheap too.


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            If you mean a remote like a tv remote:

            Go for a pda with wireless ie 802.11b.
            Put up an accesspoint, to control a normal pc that is hidden out of sight. This solves any wishes to use an i/o system like special sound devices (7.1) etc.
            However a pda with wireless will use the battery pretty fast so be weary.
            Some pdas support mediacenter (some hp i think).

            If you mean a stationary device where cabling isnt a problem (i.e. in a wall) then a kioskpc wil definetly be preferable. It doesnt need recharging etc.

            These are available at ebay and other such sites.

            You can use web on both platforms, however pdas are somewhat limited in their support of any advanced functions. some only support html 1.0.
            Microsoft has decent support for pdas since visual studio 6.

            Hope this helps, otherwise you will need to be more specific in your needs.


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              I'd rather build something myself, seeing as how I'm building a projector and screen myself. Just looking for a very low profile motherboard with on-board VGA, IR port or USB, no fans, and maybe network, for $250 or less.


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                your best bet is probably something like nano-itx, or a 3.5" sbc,

                not sure how you'd go powering it by battery though.

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                  Found a decent motherboard (a few, actually).


                  They range in price from $240 to $266, and all have onboard IRDA ports, as well as USB and RS-232 (for a touch screen monitor, probably the Lilliput off this site) and onboard VGA.

                  I'll probably get this IDE t oCompact Flash adapter and get a 256MB or 512MB card (for about $30 to $50)


                  Then I would just need a stick of SODIMM, 256MB $34


                  Power/net cable is no problem, keeps the remote from getting lost.


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                    I've got an SBC that'll work for ya