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Building a box for Sub

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  • Building a box for Sub

    Can you people recommend on some good sites that discuss car stereo installation? I want to build a box for my sub...or if you can help me here,I would appreciate it.
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    The first, and biggest question. What brand is your sub, model number, size... Why? Different brands have different needs for air space. If you build it too small, or too big, it'll sound cheesy..

    What sites? Hit the one in my Sig and goto Members Pages.. Find your make and model of car and see what others have done. That's the best place to start out before you get into the technical side of box volume, port size, and etc.

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      for sure check what the specs on the sub itself reccomend...... the manual that came with the sub should contain a suggested enclosure volume..... the shape itself is not too vital... as long as the internal volume is calculated... if you look at my page I have my two JL's in a wedge enclose so each sub is in a sealed triagle but the internal volume still meets the specs...

      if this is your first sub project try to stick with a sealed enclosue, they allow more room for error are usually smaller in volume, thus take less boot space. A ported enclose will be more efficient if built right, but if built incorrect will sound too boomy and really bad.....
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        This is Pioneer TS-W303C,it is 30 cm diameter.I don't have any manuals with it,cause it is used sub...
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          If you want to make it fancy! like show car, go with fiberglass sub. box.
          Well currently I'm working on mine, yes it's more job than just plain box but it is worth. ( by the way it's my first fiberglass work) It's not that hard.

          Building A Fiberglass Sub Enclosure

          and also
          check , it's good car audio site.
          and is good too, they have picture and instruction on how to install car audio stuff and more.
          I hope this will help you.