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Canberra Australia?

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  • Canberra Australia?

    The USMC, in it's generosity, may be assigning me as a liason officer to the Australian Army, in Canberra Australia.

    Can anyone tell me anything about Canberra, or Australia, besides the fact that water spins backwards down there?

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    Yes , first off , Kangaroo's dont walk around everywhere like in movies , In australia , Kangaroo's are used as vehicles.

    (Just kidding)

    Canberra with a population of nearly 300 000 is Australia's capital and only major inland city. It is unique in having every detail of it's construction planned from the beginning, then being built halfway between Sydney and Melbourne after a dispute over which would become the nations capital.

    The nerve centre of Australian national government, is just a three hour drive or a 45-minute flight south-west of Sydney. Set in a broad valley in the southern tablelands of New South Wales, Canberra is a well-planned lakeside city of parklands, impressive restaurants, beautiful bushland and leafy suburbs. Many of the public buildings display some of Australia's most innovative architecture including those housing our major, and most impressive, national attractions.

    From google


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      and as boring as bat ****
      Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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        yeah, and kangaros can't jump backwards,,, oh and if for some reason they lose their tails they can't jump at all :-)

        EDIT:::: oh and Canberra is also full of wanna be politician wankers, who can jump in either direction depending on where the most money is. and if for some reason their tail is removed,, they just retire on a major pension and just dissapear with a ****load of taxpayers dollars and half a dozen security agents who's job is to waste more taxpayers dollars while pretending to do some good!!
        .....(do i seem a fascist???)) NAH I don't think so,, I'm just a citizen) :-))
        I'm not sure who I stole my avatar from, but I hope they don't mind, I figured it sums me up perfectly...... a pi$$edIdiot


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          oh u'll love it. honest.
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