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MTX amps?

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  • MTX amps?

    Does anyone have anything to say about MTX amps? Good or bad.. quality wise.. sound wise?
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    they are a pretty good amp not the best (or the prettiest), as far as sq they are fairly decent.


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      Ive got an MTX 1504 Blue Thunder 4 Channel amp. Its prettey damn good and delivers good sound to mids and highs. Id recomend getting something else for subs though. Rockford makes good sub amps for a decent price - usually has em cheap. I also recommend trying to stay with one brand. If you have rockford subs...go with Rockford amps. THere was a huge difference when I had JL subs and then switched to Rockford subs. The JL were supposedly better, but they just didnt work well with the amps that I had driving them.

      You dont need a ton of watts to power speakers. A massive 15 inch sub will run on 5 watts. So go with quality amps and subs and it will proably sound just as lound fully cranked and sound a whole lot better. A 10 decible difference at high peaks isnt really that noticible.

      Ive got 2 Rockford DVC '15 running off a Rockford 2a1000 watt amp. This cracked my windows. THen you have Joe blow pushing 2000 watts from ****ty amp into ****ty subs. It aint much louder and it sounds like crap. 1000 watts is too much in my mind, but I already bought it. My old system - all Rockford 500 watt amp and 2 '12 was the best bang for the buck.

      LOL...this whole post was about MTX wasnt it??? hahha...well, yeah I still hvae my 4 channell running my door speakers. It pushes them very well, but this was MTX's top of the line amp a while ago. I had it pushing an MTX sub too, but it didnt sound very deep. Where are you getting this done...Please dont say Circuit City!!! Thats where I got mine...they'll hook it up for ya, but it will sound like crap. Find some Ghetto black man's palace - not only will you be scared out of your mind, the prices will be cheap, and the system will bump. Just know what you want before you go in. If you live in or arround Detroit, let me know...I've got a great hookup on 8mile and Gratiot.


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        read many many reviews


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          I think the BOSS REV 3000D is it.
          Thats after trying alot of the others for SPL. it is fairly clean for a class D amp
          I use the REV 3000D for SQ. and SPL with 2 12in shockers with 53.6 v on the amp's output easy 3000 Watts the only thing is that the BOSS REV3000D loves POWER mine wants 3 batt's and a 200 amp alt.
          its flat on RTA. and a easy 153 SPL.

          tryed ma,kicker,earthquake,lanzar,MTX and USamps thay Did not work for me.
          But thay might for you [img]null[/img]